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  • Sun, 13:38: Hollywood Studios day for Frozen Summer Fun premium package. Didn't sleep well, arrived just as the preshow at the Hat ended.
  • Sun, 13:40: Joined the rush to Toy Story Midway Mania, was in something resembling a single line at 9:04. Queue inside using only front half.
  • Sun, 13:44: Thanks to getting sent to the short line (really helps to be a party of 1) was out at 9:20, score 162,400. I think 'best today' was ~450,000
  • Sun, 13:46: Am settled on a shaded bench finishing a Joffreys iced latte with my Olaf-onna-stick--doubt he'll survive the day, too big for backpack.
  • Sun, 13:49: Missed the usual welcome lineup of cast (many w pin lanyards) on Hollywood Blvd--either has been discontinued or I was too late.
  • Sun, 13:50: Also missed the Olaf statue--May have been in entrance plaza where busses let off, I walked in from the Television lot.
  • Sun, 14:24: Late breakfast-bacon, egg, cheese Eng muffin from Fairfax Fare. http://t.co/hUiwbNw2U2
  • Sun, 14:26: Checked in for Frozen pkg before looking for food, ca. 10:15. Times avail for sing-along were 1:15, 5,6,7.
  • Sun, 15:22: WiFi has been overloaded all weekend, connections time out, Disney app can't login. I keep turning it off to use the cell signal.
  • Sun, 15:23: Royal welcome is cute: short parade, Anna and Elsa mount stage, Olaf appears on screen, everyone sings Let It Go. Kids are thrilled.
  • Sun, 15:24: My view was 1-2 rows back, as people shifted around, just around the corner and in front of where carriage stopped.
  • Sun, 15:25: Viewing spot was overrun after stage show as kids rush to watch A&E get back in carriage.
  • Sun, 15:26: Woman carriage driver must have A/C under those bulky "fur" lined robes, since she didn't expire of heat stroke. :)
  • Sun, 15:28: My parade spot was only corner of reserved area not shaded--my trusty umbrella came out to try to save my scalp from further sun.
  • Sun, 15:30: Forgot to note second TSMM run using FP, 177,600. Not a great improvement considering the additional caffeine...
  • Sun, 15:31: Now headed to Muppet Mania for a sit-down A/C experience.
  • Sun, 16:31: Wasted FP (not that there are enough good choices here) as I arrived after the preshow area was loaded. Not long enough in A/C. :)
  • Sun, 16:32: Pin trading is thin, many cast members don't have lanyards. Did get a couple of recent Hidden Mickeys off one person @ Indiana Jones cart.
  • Sun, 16:34: Changed to Little Mermaid FP from Star Tours, for the sake of my stomach. Also for more time in A/C.
  • Sun, 17:43: Always disappointed at Little Mermaid: washed out and not-sharp print, black-light stuffed animal puppets, low-grade animatronic Ursula.
  • Sun, 17:44: I was on far left, so live Ariel's face is often not visible. Eric was wooden with bad wig, but only gets 3 lines so the pain is brief.
  • Sun, 20:33: Lunch at Prime Time Cafe, first time there. I went for the fried chicken, collards, and subbed green beans for mashed potatoes.
  • Sun, 20:35: Very low level of banter from Cousin Robert-solo late-50's diner probably doesn't seem like a great prospect for the kitsch.
  • Sun, 20:39: After lunch made the pin board rounds--mickeys of Hwood is limiting boards to fixed times, haven't caught theirs yet.
  • Sun, 20:40: 2 Guest Services pin bags, Pkg Pickup, Stroller Rental, and embroidery place make it up in openness & enthusiasm.
  • Sun, 20:41: Checked out Olaf carrot cake cupcake, despite evening dessert party. Good cake & frosting, and I'm not usually much a Disney cupcake fan
  • Sun, 20:43: Walked back to RnR shop to see pin drum head. Got 5 counterfeit pins off drum and lanyard, now must check others more closely, esp chasers.
  • Sun, 20:44: Starting to look like a storm might come, so headed to Wandering Oakens for indoor activity. Store first, with no real wait to get in.
  • Sun, 20:45: Store is tight, lots of space devoted to merchandise checkout queue.
  • Sun, 20:46: Much shorter line for food treats, all of which can be gotten elsewhere, I think.
  • Sun, 20:47: Anna & Elsa pin is not attractive to me, so I passed. Went out and joined queue for other side, w ice skating and snow play area.
  • Sun, 20:48: Waited 15 min or so to get in, arrived as they started cleaning ice. Very willing to watch the lightly themed Zamboni clean ice in A/C.
  • Sun, 20:50: Ice refreshed, a pair did a routine to a Frozen medley--nicely done. Then it was time to head to my 5:00 Frozen Sing Along.
  • Sun, 20:52: Arrived at theatre at 4:30, stumbled on Premium entrance, and was let in and seated after the family of 4 who were first. 3rd row, left.
  • Sun, 20:52: 1st 2 rows are handicapped area, then 3 rows for premium, in center section.
  • Sun, 21:56: Show was very well done. "Historians" tell story up to a song, then clip plays with sing-along words. Well done banter, all nicely scripted.
  • Sun, 21:58: Anna appears at beginning and end, Kristoff, then Elsa only at end. Elsa costuming wasn't too great, or maybe I was too close. Looked cheap.
  • Sun, 21:59: Storm raged on outside while we sang inside, emerged to wet streets and vendor carts of ponchos. Still cloudy, thunder rumbling.
  • Sun, 22:00: Debating what to do until dessert party at 8:30, fireworks/stage show at 9:45. Might should find a protein snack before the sugar fest.
  • Sun, 22:52: Talked the folks at Min & Bills into putting a plain Italian sausage on a pretzel roll, ate 2/3 the sausage and 1/2 the roll. Protein done.
  • Sun, 22:53: Checked in for flight home, missed out on Pre again, dang it.
  • Mon, 00:08: Rode Star Tours standby, 25 min wait at 7:20. Got the pod racer and underwater chase. Hadn't gotten the underwater one before!
  • Mon, 00:09: Have found empty table outside ABC Commissary, bass fr dance party not too loud, resting feet until dessert party and fireworks.
  • Mon, 01:35: Had to leave Commissary area at 8:30, clearing the fireworks safety zone. Headed to dessert party.
  • Mon, 01:36: Dessert party moved to Disney Jr bldg, due to the rain earlier. Pretty good treats, most appealing was fruit & choc ganache.
  • Mon, 01:39: Emerged fr side door of Disney Jr into Brown Derby corridor, off to reserved fireworks area. Band doing quite well on a Beatles tribute set.
  • Mon, 02:43: Nice fireworks, choreographed to Frozen songs, with a minor stage show as intro and one interlude. Finale was Let It Go, of course.
  • Mon, 02:44: In September I'll try fireworks viewing down Hollywood Blvd--don't need a repeat of stage show, want better angle on fireworks.
  • Mon, 02:46: Fireworks ended at 10, I walked to car by 10:13, at Wilderness Lodge shortly after 10:30.
  • Mon, 02:47: FitBit reports 18,306 steps, 7.83 miles, 7 flights of stairs. Did not compensate for the dessert calories today, I'm sure.
  • Mon, 02:48: Now must decide what to do tomorrow before I fly home...



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