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  • Mon, 16:06: Breakfast from Roaring Fork, carried to room to continue packing. Off to AK, rode safari and pin traded. Less luck on pins today.
  • Mon, 16:08: Park-hop to Epcot, check Guest Svc pin book, arrive at Soarin as my FP timed in. Nice chat w mom & daughter from LA, 1st time @ WDW
  • Mon, 16:08: Rained while I was in Soarin, still looks threatening.
  • Mon, 20:29: Wanted to ride Maelstrom in case the rumors about a change to a Frozen ride are true, but it was down.
  • Mon, 20:30: Continued to China, got BBQ pork bun. Not a well balanced eating day. :). Light rain sprinkles continued, too light to get out poncho.
  • Mon, 20:32: Decided I was done, headed back to Mouse Gear, arrived as guy set out easel for pin board @ 1 pm. Got a Mickey magic band, Carl balloon.
  • Mon, 20:34: Nothing much on the Duffy pin stroller. Incidentally the former all-Duffy store now has no Duffy that I saw. Now soccer stuff, general mix.
  • Mon, 20:35: Got a solo tram ride to my row of parking lot, headed to Hess station and got gas, changed to long pants for flight.
  • Mon, 20:38: Drove to outlet mall to survey Disney outlet, but punted after two circuits failed to find parking (didn't see the deck until later).
  • Mon, 20:52: Have let Delta gate-check my new Zuca bag as the flight is full, sure hope it doesn't get messed up. It's so pretty now. :)
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