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  • Mon, 14:09: Change in weather forecast--now looking like light rain all day. Regretting decision to rely on cheap ponchos instead of rain jacket.
  • Mon, 14:11: Fitbit report: 22,855 steps yesterday, 10.7 miles. My usual slothful level is 3-4k steps.
  • Mon, 15:07: W rain prediction am moving leisurely. Bfast at The Mara was biscuit, scr egg, bacon a la carte. Plenty to eat, cheaper than Bounty Platter
  • Mon, 15:08: Off to MK. But if it's too crazy w parade taping will do gingerbread and/or Epcot.
  • Mon, 16:31: TV taping "Let it go" in front of castle w singer, backup choir. In light rain. Is rain better than sun for Frozen backdrop in FL?
  • Mon, 16:32: Slow getting here fr AKL, crowd for MK gathered while 4 AK busses came. Did made my Mine Train FP window.
  • Mon, 16:41: Note to self: light mist intensifies on even a low intensity coaster.
  • Mon, 17:19: Trading Post pin board is Holiday Hamm. Doesn't have a very well filled lanyard though.
  • Mon, 17:52: Best Jungle Cruise skipper I've had in a while, doing a nice job w the Jingle Cruise material.
  • Mon, 18:18: #frozengingerbread Elsa. And they have the pin--apparently made 5x last years run.
  • Mon, 18:23: Will take a break from rain and monorail to Grand Floridian. Got rather damp walking to Contemp fr MK.
  • Mon, 19:14: GF gingerbread house impressive as always, though to my eyes it's about the same as the last few. I don't have an eye for detail changes.
  • Mon, 19:15: Got GF gingerbread pins. And a gingerbread Mickey w chocolate ears for a snack.
  • Mon, 19:16: Monorail to MK and will bus to AKL.
  • Mon, 20:07: Back at Jambo House after quick stop at Kidani (no AKL Xmas pins there either) in time to trade w King Pin.
  • Mon, 21:19: Good trade with King Pin--he had a Kevin pin! Then traded with other guests for a Minnie MagicBand to finish my set of those.
  • Mon, 21:21: Awesome CM Mary L. who I chatted with last night brought one of the pins I really wanted to trade with me. Really sweet, real Disney class.
  • Mon, 21:28: Back to room for a break, made hot tea and out to balcony w gingerbread cookie for snack. Antelopes front and center. Zebra. Cranes again.
  • Mon, 21:30: Must go to overlook at lobby and find CM for antelope ID assistance. In-room guide not helping with the current bunch. Except the Tommies.
  • Mon, 21:38: Like this one. Was being harassed by the Tommies and a zebra for a while.
  • Mon, 21:39: And this group.
  • Mon, 21:41: Not an African species. :)
  • Mon, 21:45: Shared monorail car from GF to MK with bride, groom, and photographer doing wedding shoot. Bride leaning on groom, dress nicely displayed.
  • Mon, 22:48: Antelope ID: fuzzy guy is a waterbuck, field mark is white circle on rump I'd missed noticing. Herd of reddish-brown ones are impala.
  • Tue, 02:00: Dinner at Jiko, decided to try the oak grilled filet with the off-menu mac and cheese that's been their signature dish for a while.
  • Tue, 02:01: Had a 25+ minute wait for my table, not an auspicious start.
  • Tue, 02:26: Filet was marvelous, cooked just to my requested medium rare. Will finish with Ghanaian chocolate/Kenyan coffee pot du creme, almond cream.
  • Tue, 04:19: Fuzzy pic of steak at Jiko--it's really low light in there, hard to get a good shot.
  • Tue, 04:21: The pot du creme. In background are a lagniappe, Tanzanian chocolate crinkle cookies with pistachios.
  • Tue, 04:23: Pot du creme was more firm mousse texture than pot du creme, flavor was great nonetheless. Cookies also excellent, must get recipe.
  • Tue, 04:31: Back at room, pulled back on patio by crane calling. AKL keeps 'moonlight' lighting on savannah so can see the animals moving around.
  • Tue, 04:32: Waterbuck's ring-on-rump visible now I know to look, Thompson's gazelle, maybe impala in a group under the dim to be sure.
  • Tue, 04:34: Stopped in gift shop before dinner to give CM Mary a Figment pin in thanks for the pin she traded me from her own collection....
  • Tue, 04:36: ...She'd been able to buy a returned one that afternoon, so we both have a copy. Good deed rewarded!
  • Tue, 05:00: FitBit report: 12,199, 5.45 miles. Rain and afternoon animal-watching kept it down. Much shorter walk fr MK to Contemp than DHS to Epcot!
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