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  • Wed, 15:40: Latte and nearly blueberry-less muffin at Sunshine Seasons. Did they use dried blueberries? Look like raisins... http://t.co/cWIVkRmeY2
  • Wed, 15:41: All packed, bags in car, at Epcot until airport time. First up is FP Soaring--didn't move very fast this morning, was about to expire.
  • Wed, 15:47: Soarin' sound track additions: mom narrates for 4 year old "we're in the desert! Horsies!" Other side is first timer: "Uh. Oooh. Aaah-oh!"
  • Wed, 15:58: Food receipt has 20% off merchandise discount offer. At AK yesterday, store had 5 lg bags for one customer's $3000+ of purchases with that.
  • Wed, 16:17: Test Track single rider is up next, 10 min wait posted.
  • Wed, 16:55: Actual wait at Test Track 7 min. Walked through MouseGear, rejected avail. sweatshirt offerings, switched Figment FP time to now.
  • Wed, 17:18: New Figment shirts! If they'd had the hoodie in the size I want is have bought it. http://t.co/aoNVEWxxb1
  • Wed, 17:25: 20% discount not good in Figment store, only MouseGear in Epcot.
  • Wed, 17:45: Beach Club gingerbread/chocolate carousel less elaborate this year-- no side gingerbread lighthouse, no 5th horse.
  • Wed, 17:48: Bought last 2 BC gingerbread pins in the register drawer for me and Doris, though Cast Member seemed to think they'd get more.
  • Wed, 17:48: ML checked at BoardWalk for me today--still no gingerbread pins there.
  • Wed, 18:20: Continuing to snack for meals: roul� lard e fromage at Les Halles. Didn't fully heat when toasted but still good.
  • Wed, 19:10: Walked the countries without stopping much. Caught bits of Kwanzaa performer, watched kids whack pi�ata in Mexico.
  • Wed, 19:12: Haven't seen this Figment mystery set before. The design doesn't do anything for me: I'll pass. http://t.co/Pbwsw5WSkU
  • Wed, 19:12: Asked again about Dumbo pin for Doris--expected tomorrow. :(
  • Wed, 19:50: Traded pins with Duffy at Epcot stroller rental on my way out. Still not comfortable with Disney-to-airport timing so will head on out.
  • Wed, 21:03: Timing note: at airport, rental car gassed and returned, bag checked but pre-security in 1 hr 15 min.
  • Wed, 22:38: On board plane home. Scored aisle exit row seat by asking to move fr window at bag check--flight overbooked so these should be premium.
  • Wed, 22:53: Exit row seat also seems to have gotten me zone 1 boarding. Sweet.



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