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  • Wed, 15:36: Breakfast at food court, John met us there. Group of 7 w 2 scooters off to Animal Kingdom by Disney bus.
  • Wed, 15:38: Short wait today--people left earlier for Extra Magic Hour but John's off site and can't use it.
  • Wed, 15:48: Group split as we got in park--K, J, Carol and I to use FP+ at Expedition Everest, the big coaster.
  • Wed, 16:48: My first ride on Everest, Carol's second. C says remind her never again. I'd repeat it despite a few queasy moments.
  • Wed, 16:48: K and J immediately got in single rider line and went again.
  • Wed, 16:50: Off to Dinosaur, met the others there. All but Stacey rode that one--too jolting for her.
  • Wed, 16:52: Now in Dinoland for K, J, S, and Carol to ride Primeval Whirl. I'm admiring the fake abandoned parking lot surface. http://t.co/klvDpQuhgQ
  • Wed, 17:44: Walking amid the corridor of construction walls to Yak and Yeti quick serve for lunch.
  • Wed, 18:24: Egg roll and chicken fried rice. Middling American Chinese. The chicken chunks in the rice were decidedly dry. http://t.co/S4xEm7LpgK
  • Wed, 19:31: Feels very crowded with various street entertainment collecting crowds. Got to Africa for safari ride w FP+.
  • Wed, 22:55: Good safari with driver stopping more for pictures. Headed out of park stopping at stroller rental pin board.
  • Wed, 23:00: Waiting at AK bus stop as about 200 Argentine 15 year old girls
  • Wed, 23:08: Bussed back to Riverside, went to boat dock for Downtown Disney. Charlie stayed behind as scooter charge was low and he's not a big shopper.
  • Thu, 00:01: New dock at DD is a little farther walk, but spiffy http://t.co/upCgObY6ob
  • Thu, 00:06: Stopped at Pin Central, Doris asked about a new alphabet mystery set that no one official seems to know about--unknown there too
  • Thu, 00:16: Doris is going to putter thru stores then go back to resort. Rest of us had supper at Earl of Sandwich--didn't want to walk to West Side.
  • Thu, 02:08: Lots of wandering in stores, esp World of Disney. Stacey leaves Fri PM so this is her big shopping trip.
  • Thu, 02:13: We're all tired and Krissi's brother Eric should have arrived, so are headed to resort.
  • Thu, 05:10: Not a long wait for the boat, and the ride to Riverside was a break for weary feet. Eric had arrived, so the core party is complete.
  • Thu, 05:11: Epcot day tomorrow, ending with the fireworks cruise. 50th anniversary brunch celebration at Boma Friday-other guests coming just for that
  • Thu, 05:12: FitBit report: 14997 steps, 6.19 miles.



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