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  • Sun, 16:05: Breakfast in POR food court with Eric before he leaves for airport. K J Carol and I to Hollywood Studios.
  • Sun, 16:05: Stopped at Pakage Pickup pin board, looks like a package for Peter Pan. Address "second star to the right and straight on til morning"
  • Sun, 16:07: Plan was Toy Story Mania on standby as no FP available. Ride was down, went to Animation bldg for pics w Sorcerer Mickey.
  • Sun, 16:09: Baymax and Hiro still meeting, but line was long and I was only one interested so back to Toy Story. It opened not long before we got there.
  • Sun, 16:36: It's really hot in the Toy Story standby queue. Wonder if the ride was down earlier for A/C problems?
  • Sun, 16:47: Yesterday's Fitbit report: 21,175 steps, 8.76 miles.
  • Sun, 17:10: 62 min in line. I managed 158,300, pretty respectable for me.
  • Sun, 17:53: First ride on Tower of Terror! Not as inducing of fear of heights as I thought, though it was good to avoid front row.
  • Sun, 18:40: Carol off to other things--Downtown Disney and/or MK. Krissi, John, and I staying at HS. Lunch @ Fairfax Fare--2 small chicken leg quarters
  • Sun, 18:41: We have FP for Rockin Rollercoaster later but decided to do it single rider now as we are close.
  • Sun, 19:11: We all rode the same vehicle, Krissi in row 2, John and I in the last row when the next group up in Standby was a threesome.
  • Sun, 19:34: Discretion is the better part of valor: I'm skipping Star Toirs for the sake of my stomach. Not risking one of the intense scenarios.
  • Sun, 19:56: Grabbed iced tea and a table at Backlot Express, can see a bit of Jedi Training Academy.
  • Sun, 19:56: Trainer: "it's been a while since Vader was beaten by someone in pink flipflops"
  • Sun, 20:37: Headed out via store so K could replace visor, and pin books at Guest Relations and Service Center. Catching boat to Epcot.
  • Sun, 20:51: Wonders of modern tech: Doris calls as we wait for boat, see if we want to join others plus ppl who couldn't make brunch for dinner. ..con't
  • Sun, 20:59: ..con't.. I grab cell phone, tried Disney app, switched to browser to see restaurants w table for 8 ca. 7 pm, reserve table @ Boatwrights
  • Sun, 21:39: In France: croque glac� w salted caramel ice cream & chocolate sauce. That's a toasted brioche ice cream sandwich
  • Sun, 22:01: On to American Pavilion. Krissi and I will hear Voices of Liberty, John is ensconced outside on a phone conversation w beer in hand.
  • Sun, 22:23: Gorgeous day at Epcot, 73 degrees, light breeze, moderate crowds.
  • Mon, 02:26: 2 daughters of a childhood friend of Doris's came to visit with her this evening, all of us had dinner at Boatwrights at our resort.
  • Mon, 02:32: Lovely time at dinner, server Robby added 50th anniversary treats--champagne w strawberries, red velvet cheesecake, balloon.
  • Mon, 03:33: Cake and balloon to honor 50th anniversary
  • Mon, 03:34: FitBit report: 18,331 steps, 7.73 miles.
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