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  • Mon, 13:28: Krissi and John are doing Disney Quest today, I'm skipping as arcade games are not so much my thing. I'm headed to Animal Kingdom first.
  • Mon, 13:30: Not sure of Doris and Charlie's plans or Carol's--suspect they'll all be at Magic Kingdom part of the day. Supposed to rain all afternoon.
  • Mon, 15:49: Got to AK shortly after 10, saw DeVine again near stroller rental area, looked at more animals on Discovery Island.
  • Mon, 15:50: Checked out Tree of Life area with walls gone, "tree roots" extend into planting islands.
  • Mon, 15:53: On to Maharajah Jungle Trek animal trail. Komodo dragon active, cranes too.
  • Mon, 15:54: Only one tiger in sight and was moving toward back of habitat. All of antelope herd lying in a group, chewing cud or resting.
  • Mon, 15:55: Monkeys on island near Kali very active and noisy. Young ones swinging around and chasing each other.
  • Mon, 15:57: Headed to Nemo musical for 11:00 show. Pass by perpetually 'opening next season' Yeti hotel/construction site. http://t.co/PdHitnpzPH
  • Mon, 15:58: Yeti hotel has unfinished walls, pile of bricks ready to go, tractor to move materials. Theming--AK strength.
  • Mon, 15:59: Arrived at Nemo in plenty of time for standby entrance. Love this show.
  • Mon, 18:06: Wandered through Dinoland shops and back to Tree of Life. Explored all the trails photographing animals carved and real.
  • Mon, 18:08: Back into Asia then around to Harambe village--too crowded w lunchtime lines at quick serves. Will be good when new area & path open up.
  • Mon, 18:09: Clouds are gathering, headed to MK bus w stop at Guest Relations pin book.
  • Mon, 18:10: Cheerleader competition groups still all over--fewer in each than the big South American tours at least. :)
  • Mon, 19:22: Rain now steady, out comes Mickey poncho. I'm not one to embrace the rain. Failed walk-in @ Plaza, booked ADR @ Liberty Tree Tavern.
  • Mon, 19:29: Seated in Thos Jefferson room, view of back of service area. Joys of solo dining, but at least I'm dry.
  • Mon, 19:33: Apparently forgot the rice in my turkey gumbo, server delivered a small bowl later. http://t.co/EjRuRdpK5N
  • Mon, 19:33: Turkey gumbo flavor OK, consistency is brown gravy w turkey chunks, finely chopped veg.
  • Mon, 19:49: Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake for dessert. http://t.co/ad0vIlfTJA
  • Mon, 23:31: Made it to 7 Dwarfs Mine Train before the end of the FP grace period and asked for last car. Definitely a more zippy ride back there!
  • Mon, 23:33: Went from Mine Train to circus tent, full of shoppers avoiding steady rain. Just missed railroad to front so walked path to Tomorrowland.
  • Mon, 23:34: Space Mtn store surprisingly not very busy, and Cast Members gathered to let me look at pins.
  • Mon, 23:48: Feet quite wet by then, no prospect of rain quitting soon. Headed out of park. http://t.co/BBGCXP3Bc9
  • Mon, 23:50: Lots of other people had same idea, esp families w small kids. Caught bus at 4:30, had to stand. No sign of others--hope they stayed dry.



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