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My tweets

  • Thu, 12:27: Star Wars breakfast at Sci Fi, sing along w theme. Follow the bouncing Death Star... http://t.co/JT1zPiWUsg
  • Thu, 12:43: Macadamia crusted French toast w marscapone. (Too dark for good photos in Sci Fi. ) http://t.co/0VQOxuI40K
  • Thu, 12:44: Pastry plate. http://t.co/jZlQcu6xh4
  • Thu, 12:49: Yogurt granola parfait w Yoda melon garnish. No, it wasn't really blue, I don't think.... http://t.co/PPozAHJMxA
  • Thu, 13:28: Rolled out of Sci Fi stuffed w too much food. Standby line at Toy Story too much for K, wants to save feet.
  • Thu, 14:12: Gift shop already in Star Wars mode, w Lego characters as props. http://t.co/oIJLiHJJOC
  • Thu, 17:44: Writers Stop, K got iced drink. I have lost camera, probably @ Boathouse last night. Called them for 2nd time, then main Lost&Found. No luck
  • Thu, 17:46: More wandering, chatting w cast members, pin trading, checked boards. K off to MK in hopes of seeing Scoop, I hung around Studios a while.
  • Thu, 17:49: Chat w Maintenance CM who said HS would first get Carsland in old studio tour space, then an expanded Star Wars land. We'll see...
  • Thu, 17:52: Bus to AKL, nice chat w family just off Disney cruise. DL regulars, first trip to WDW. It's different, starting with Humidity. :)
  • Thu, 17:54: Snack of red pepper hummus, Doritos, iced tea in The Mara after checking pins in gift shop. No King Pin today, either.
  • Thu, 18:27: Zebra, antelope, and wildebeest on AKL savannah despite bucket truck doing maintenance on room balconies.
  • Thu, 18:58: Caught shuttle to Kidani, checked pin books, saw CM Mary Lopez, she brought some nice pins to trade. Got a just out apple Hidden Mickey
  • Thu, 19:27: K arrived at Epcot by monorail right after I did by bus, met at tapstiles.
  • Thu, 20:48: After a Starbucks lemonade iced tea break, wandering looking at topiaries and flowers.
  • Thu, 22:15: Duck confit on too-garlicky potatoes. Duck bits were good though. http://t.co/moYntMKfpj
  • Thu, 22:16: Arepa w braised beef and chayote slaw http://t.co/tnCwYsg1Om
  • Thu, 22:20: K opted for brioche ice cream sandwich over food booths, headed to hotel to get out of heat.
  • Thu, 22:34: Beef brisket burnt end hash w cheese sauce. Excellent. http://t.co/ryvEe6oPd9
  • Thu, 23:28: W early morning tomorrow for Star Wars Weekend decided no Illuminations tonight. Headed out International Gate.
  • Thu, 23:30: Feet not tired enough I guess, walked to Beach/Yacht Club and looked at pin books. Taking boat across the lake to BoardWalk.
  • Fri, 02:04: FitBit report: 23711 steps, 10.13 miles.
  • Fri, 12:01: Decided not to obsess about Star Wars Weekend events, do what we can reasonably. Up about like yesterday, stopped at Bwalk Bakery.
  • Fri, 12:01: Mobile breakfast, bacon egg cheese croissant, eaten walking to Studios.



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