Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Fish is his old self again

OK, the incision on the tummy is improved, but still looks ugly, and it will take even longer for the hair to grow back. And he's got one more antibiotic pill to go plus the special food.


He's jumped with ease to the bathroom counter, where he stole a piece of Agatha's food.
He's "forgotten" the half-known rules about not sharpening claws on the upholstery.
He's back to taking most moves of Agatha's (like walking across a room in his sight) as a signal to hurry after her and either pounce on her or otherwise irritate, say by butt-sniffing or poking with a paw. I heard her give a loud hiss and spit while eating my dinner, and just yelled "Fish!" in instinctive reaction.
and to top it off...
He's gotten used to the morning feeding, and starts his aggravation routine to indicate that he's ready for breakfast. For the aggravation routine, see above.

This morning wake-up is exactly why I cling to feeding my cats once a day (they get a measured amount of dry food, no free-feeding). I hate to think how long it will be before Fish forgets the connection of "person out of bed = food".

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