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  • Tue, 12:50: Yep, K had an amazing stop at BW gift shop then good luck at DD--lots of pins we've been looking for all week. Decided against suitcase.
  • Tue, 12:52: I came through BW store 2 hours later and got only a couple of new pins. It's all in the timing. :)
  • Tue, 12:53: Yesterday's Fitbit: 23,662 steps, 10.08 miles.
  • Tue, 12:56: Bags packed, hauling big ones to airline luggage desk to check them. Then off to Captains Grill for breakfast, then possibly resort hopping.
  • Tue, 14:24: Finally seated at Captains Grill with coffee, most critical. Did get one apple pin off little BW gift shop board, big shop had nothing new.
  • Tue, 14:28: Dark chocolate waffle time. K got hers sans cheery compote.
  • Tue, 16:13: Drove to Polynesian with only one missed turn. Gift shop lady dug out 4 apples for us, incl Olaf. I now lack Goofy, K Olaf.
  • Tue, 16:46: Not much in the way of pins at GF, did get a duplicate Cheshire Cat apple. Off to Contemporary, tho monorails slow w maintenance work.
  • Tue, 18:08: Finished monorail loop, decide to spend last hour+ at Downtown. Wanted to try new garage but funneled to Cirque parking area.
  • Tue, 18:09: Taking boat to Marketplace, got the last 2 spaces on this boat.
  • Tue, 18:58: Tried the pin store and Once Upon a Toy, but not many pins of interest, all CMs saying they don't see new stuff. Must just evening shift...
  • Tue, 18:59: Walked the new bridge fr Rainforest Cafe to TRex. Now time to head to airport.
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