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Well, damn.

My primary credit card has been compromised, it seems. I found this out because Target refused a charge this evening, though I had used the card 3 other places today. The Target charge was a little over $100, which may be why it triggered the fraud alert when the others did not. Or maybe it's Target--the predecessor of this account was caught in the big Target account information theft, and was given a new number at that point. Now we do it all again. As it's the card I run most daily expenses through, garnering rewards points as I go, it takes some effort to find and change all the places it's stored. I'll probably hit the most common ones, then let the others go until I get an email about them.

When I called to ask why the Target charge was refused, they listed 2 (or 3--with my poor hearing, I'm not sure about #3) refused charges I didn't know about, both from last weekend. Both were small, one for a mere $0.52. With those as evidence that someone else has the account info, they cancelled the card. Maybe those refused charges discouraged the thief, but I still wonder why none of the other 18 charges I made since last weekend created a warning.

On the bright side, sort of, I'm already under extra credit monitoring because of the government information breach.


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Jul. 12th, 2015 12:46 pm (UTC)
That $0.52 charge sounds like a test run, to see if it's a good number. Your card provider should have called you immediately when there was doubt. So sorry for the problems.

In other news, I just read the new Bujold novella, and it reminded me of how very much I love her writing.
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