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  • Mon, 15:56: Late start this morning as I finished up my reviews for Wed's meeting. Decided to start with another turn on Radiator Springs Racers.
  • Mon, 15:57: Single rider line at RSR looks like it might be 10 min wait.
  • Mon, 16:55: Shared a car on RSR with some of the family I'd pin traded with at GC yesterday. So of course we traded again after we exited the ride.
  • Mon, 16:56: Decided next priority was some shopping so off to World of Disney. Got that done, then to La Brea for more caffeine and a breakfast panini
  • Mon, 16:58: My patio seat at La Brea Bakery looks at the long bag check line. May regret not parkhopping directly...
  • Mon, 17:36: First experience w long lines to enter--early entry and GC entry to DCA shielded me. Headed in DL w long lines at security and gate.
  • Mon, 17:37: Almost considered hiking back to monorail station at other end of DD. Almost.
  • Mon, 17:50: Guess that was the DL Band, not the All American I caught early on, as I recognize the set the DL Band is playing now. :)
  • Mon, 18:10: Exploring Toontown, in line for Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin.
  • Mon, 22:25: Roger Rabbit Spin was...interesting. Wouldn't wait that long again, queue was nice but wore out before the wait was over.
  • Mon, 22:27: Roger Rabbit ride nice too-- I limited my spin to just look at stuff, and for sake of my stomach. Glad I did it once, don't need to repeat.
  • Mon, 22:28: Tried to ride Matterhorn single rider, about when I found right spot for line, it went down for 50 min. I went pin shopping.
  • Mon, 22:30: Westward Ho had some new stock, found a pin on Ks list that wasn't there earlier. Also went to Mission command but can't see their stock
  • Mon, 22:31: Monorailed to DD and hotel, got Coke Zero and popcorn, chilled in room a bit.
  • Mon, 22:33: Went out to pin kiosk, which didn't have stuff Westward Ho did so will go back there. Got several nice pin trading sessions w other guests
  • Mon, 22:54: Depleted my stash of newer WDW cast lanyard without getting DL ones in return--didn't think that out. But made some folks happy.
  • Mon, 22:55: Monorail to DL and back to Westward Ho, where spin new this morning is sold out. Not LE or anything either.
  • Mon, 23:38: It's just going to be a pin trading day tho hopefully ending w DL Forever fireworks, viewed on Main St. Went to Main St and found the pin.
  • Mon, 23:39: Main st also had cool (and early) Star Wars Halloween pin. http://t.co/nEWLM6KWTK
  • Mon, 23:48: It's too hot to watch afternoon parade again and I was at front gate, so did hotel pin trading sessions in reverse, GC then DLH. Not great.
  • Mon, 23:50: Did find one of the 2 band concert pins I've been looking for forever--on the pin board at the Main St shop. http://t.co/rwyDBPIHhR
  • Mon, 23:53: Cast members often ask if you are looking for something specific, but here they rarely seem familiar with the current Cast Lanyard set.
  • Tue, 00:20: Chilling at the hotel for a bit, also packing. Must drive back to San Diego tomorrow for my meeting, car has to be returned before 11:30.
  • Tue, 00:21: Probably will not try to do a park tomorrow morning, maybe will have a nice sit-down breakfast at Steakhouse 55 here in the hotel.
  • Tue, 03:00: Walked back to DL about 6, monorail was backed up and would be 20 min. Tackled another iconic DL experience: corn dog from Little Red Wagon.
  • Tue, 03:07: Corn dog was good--fresh cooked, nice crunch. I might be the only person to take the apple slices side option. :) http://t.co/zNjxkC77DB
  • Tue, 03:09: Made a pass at the 2 bigger pin stores for a last purchase, got a scoop of ice cream w hot fudge to complete a nutritional-disaster supper.
  • Tue, 03:10: Feet being tired, decided to join the throngs waiting for the parade. Found a spot to sit just under the rope and behind a stroller.
  • Tue, 03:13: CM then came by to warn that the parade-sitters would shortly have to stand, so more folks can wait for the parade.
  • Tue, 03:14: We'll be standing about an hour before the parade kicks off, close to 2 hours total thru fireworks. Disney is tough on the feet.
  • Tue, 03:42: On one pass fr Tomorrowland to Frontierland I took a different path and stumbled upon Big Thunder Ranch. Took goat pictures. :)
  • Tue, 03:45: Ca. 20 min until parade gets here. CM goes back and forth getting everyone to stand. She is pitiless. :) Only those on curb can sit.
  • Tue, 03:45: (Feet are dying!)
  • Tue, 04:03: Lights out and sound track starts 9:02, in front of Crystal Arts.
  • Tue, 04:30: Paint the Night--Tinker Bell onna stick. http://t.co/pLcL5iWa43
  • Tue, 04:56: Wonderful parade, superior fireworks/projection/laser show. Feet are still killing me though. Tried to use bypass to leave, it's one-way in
  • Tue, 04:57: Allowed myself to be herded to Tomorrowland entrance and found seat on rail fence, will let crowd die down.
  • Tue, 04:59: CM: Please, I know you're tired, we're all in it together, please keep moving, please...
  • Tue, 05:46: After a sit and a potty stop I headed out down Main St, figuring the monorail would still be backed up. Still pretty crowded through DD.
  • Tue, 05:49: Back in room at 10:40 with iced tea fr Earl of Sandwich--I'm dry.
  • Tue, 05:53: Disney has over-sampled me today--did an online survey this afternoon re: Saturday, tonight got asked to go into City Hall room & do another



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