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  • Wed, 14:00: Disney time again, back to WDW for the pin trading event. Drove down last night, grabbed a room at a Courtyard--Disney's Beach Club tonight
  • Wed, 17:07: Re: driving, Delta costs more+bag fees, #Southwestair got rid of ATL-MCO flt that got in at 10-10:30. So, tried the 6.5 hr drive.
  • Wed, 17:07: Solo driving not my thing, usually I prefer to drive for this distance.
  • Wed, 17:35: Hah, started tweets this AM, Krissi's flight was early so headed to airport and picked her up around 11:20. Off to Beach Club to check in.
  • Wed, 17:38: Check in was not so magical. CM not INcompetant, but not efficient. Must remember to verify that she got each credit card on correct bands
  • Wed, 17:40: Also didn't get requested room, asked her to check, she struggled before saying nothing available in requested block.
  • Wed, 17:42: Room is toward end of Beach Club, not as bad as far reaches of Boardwalk, but a hike from lobby. View of "jungle" area between BC & Epcot
  • Wed, 17:45: After unpacking a bit, chatting about pins, grabbed 3 PM reservation at the Plaza, now on bus to MK. Must get Ks new Annual Pass on way in.
  • Wed, 17:47: Back to my drive: didn't leave ATL until 3:45, was getting database test Excel files to Todd. Checked email at rest stops to answer Qs.
  • Wed, 19:17: K has her bi-coastal Annual Pass, pin-traded up the left side of Main St to the Plaza. Short wait for table, now have sandwiches and AC.
  • Wed, 19:19: Glimpses of Festival of Fantasy parade from our table.
  • Wed, 20:12: Looked at FastPasses--no Mine Train, Pirates in refurb, K voted to wander and pin trade with no planned rides. Started in Tomorrowland shops
  • Wed, 20:18: Great to be at WDW where most Cast Members WEAR PIN LANYARDS. (Not so in Disneyland. ) Even lots of custodians w pins today.
  • Wed, 20:20: Decided to try Barnstormer kiddie coaster--will see if it triggers my height issues. Sign says 5 min wait.
  • Wed, 21:18: Barnstormer was.....short. Very short. 3 minutes maybe? One lift hill at the start, 3 curves, and done. No height issues for me, anyway.
  • Wed, 21:22: Just wandering and trying not to melt in the heat and humidity. Pin trading has us moving around air conditioned spaces mostly.
  • Wed, 21:24: Walked Circus area and Fantasyland stores, now at Columbia Harbor House with iced drinks, sorting pins.
  • Wed, 22:43: After a long break at Harbor House, kept strolling through shops & pin trading. K got SotMK cards, I didn't have correct MagicBand for mine
  • Wed, 22:43: Wandered Frontierland and Adventureland, now headed thru Emporium and the exit
  • Wed, 23:48: Paused to take a survey on food experiences in the park today as we left. Paused to debate plans--has thought Downtown Disney, no direct bus
  • Wed, 23:53: Caught bus to Wilderness Lodge (closest resort), now will take bus to Downtown. K may do DisneyQuest, I'll probably get a snack and wander.
  • Thu, 02:01: Arrived at DD after long stop at Contemporary loading a scooter, took DD boat to West Side and into DisneyQuest. K gave me mini tour.
  • Thu, 02:03: Left K with the games at DisneyQuest. Got kids pulled pork sliders at Smokehouse window. 2 sliders, size of smallish biscuits.
  • Thu, 02:05: Smokehouse kids sliders. Good bread, maybe brioche, pork a little dry.
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