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  • Sun, 13:03: Tweeting stopped for movement and pin trading. Stopped just outside event to trade and chat with a mom and daughter. Back to BC, sky stormy
  • Sun, 13:20: Bags to room, went looking for food. BC problem--very limited counter service. High demand for table service means no last min. reservations
  • Sun, 13:45: Beaches & cream 2 hr wait for counter, Captains Grille wouldn't give a wait time unless we came back at 8 to ask. Lounge full.
  • Sun, 13:49: K got milkshake at Beaches & Cream window, headed to room, I waited in Marketplace line for a flatbread pizza. Rainy night--it was busy.
  • Sun, 13:54: While I got food, K went to meet Debbie in the solarium to trade Hidden Mickeys. I joined them after a bit, had great time talking pins.
  • Sun, 14:17: Back to room and re-organized pins for Sunday, got to bed around 1 am.
  • Sun, 14:21: Fitbit report--low, another day standing around. 7999 steps, 3.32 miles.
  • Sun, 14:24: Morning plan was to be out by 8 to get MK bus. K gets up first, I have another 20 min. in bed. Didn't hear my alarm, though.
  • Sun, 14:26: I rolled over, didn't wake til K said she was leaving. Hurried shower and dressing, grabbed mug of coffee, squeezed onto bus w no wait.
  • Sun, 14:29: Got to MK in time to see morning show and rope drop. Texted K, decided to get Guest Svc to reprint my Pass so exp date is readable.
  • Sun, 14:30: Also had Guest Services add middle initial to pass, try to reduce confusion w other person of same name who apparently attends same events.
  • Sun, 14:35: Met up w K again, found spot on Main St to wait for Scoop--traded w him after event one other year, saw lots of folks fr event there.
  • Sun, 14:36: This year Scoop is not here, word is that he will be around tomorrow when we have a MK day planned anyway.
  • Sun, 14:37: Storms threatening, decide to try Captains Grill for late, large breakfast before pin meet at noon. Swim upstream against entering crowd.
  • Sun, 14:41: Few busses returning to resorts, dispatcher tries to get a van to take us to Yacht Club. Eventually gets Boardwalk bus to make extra stop.
  • Sun, 14:43: Meanwhile have made 11 am reservation for Captains Grille via app. Disney in the electronic age. As bus leaves MK area steady rain starts.
  • Sun, 15:42: Lovely brunch @ Captains Grille--eggs Benedict w Serrano ham, gave hash browns to K. K had the chocolate waffles.
  • Sun, 15:44: Done in good time to get pins from room and go to NJ pin meet back in Yacht Club convention area.
  • Sun, 20:20: We're about pin-traded out, or at least our feet are. Left the NJ meet around 4--think the only NJ resident we met was the organizer. :)
  • Sun, 20:41: Traded a mini pin with Scoop Pooh Bear. (Pooh has Scoop-style vest and hat, pin lanyard.)
  • Sun, 20:57: 7 Dwarf pins I traded for the afternoon. The one on the left was for the tie-fighter LucasFilms pin.
  • Sun, 21:01: Tie-fighter pin--showed to several Star Wars collectors, tried to find on Pinpics, no luck. Not a Disney pin, it seems. Collector wanted it.
  • Sun, 21:08: Rest of today's trades. Figment was via K, who owed me for a 3-way LE pin trade Friday.
  • Sun, 21:08: Boardwalk gingerbread sold out before my 2014 December trip. Rest are sets I'm working on.
  • Sun, 21:31: K got another milkshake as we walked back to room, treating sore teeth with care. I'm getting a cheeseburger at Crew's Cup Lounge.
  • Sun, 21:34: Crews Cup is lounge next to Yachtsman Steakhouse, I have table next to steak-cutting room with window into it.
  • Sun, 21:35: Maybe someone will need a steak cut before I'm done. :)
  • Sun, 22:22: Very nice cheeseburger and fries at Crew's Cup, cooked just right and not over-large.
  • Sun, 22:24: Chatted w waiter on pins--he's a villains fan, worked the infamous Friday 13 event at Studios in 2013 that shut down WDW.
  • Sun, 22:25: Butcher started cutting NY strips as I finished my burger--glad it was after I was done or I might have had to get a steak.
  • Sun, 23:25: Taking a post-prandial stroll around Crescent Lake w side excursion to look at Swan & Dolphin gift shop pin boards.
  • Sun, 23:27: Nothing much in pins at Swolphin or BoardWalk. Got kids scoop of espresso chip at Seashore Sweets, watching sunset.
  • Sun, 23:29: Thought about wandering at Studios, but boat captain said Studios close at 7:30 tonight. It was 6:40 at the time.
  • Sun, 23:32: Rain from earlier is gone (for now), interesting clouds still around.
  • Sun, 23:33:
  • Mon, 00:33: Hiked back to room, dumped jeans worn to dinner for shorts, and headed to Epcot for Illuminations.
  • Mon, 00:34: K walked with me to BWalk bridge, headed to check out the BWalk pin boards, then probably take boat back.
  • Mon, 00:35: Got a spot just over the bridge to France, looking over a dessert party on the lower terrace. Should be a pretty good view.
  • Mon, 01:25: Missed my Illuminations viewing spot a bit--5-10 ft to left would've avoided tree branches. Still love that show
  • Mon, 01:52: Also love staying at Beach Club. Illuminations ends about 9:18, back in room at 9:25. Beat K back--she ran into a friend, also shopped.
  • Mon, 01:53: Fitbit report: 15,926 steps, 6.93 miles.
  • Mon, 11:48: Off to MK for breakfast at Be Our Guest. Got coffee at Marketplace on the way out, bus came in a few minutes, at MK at 7:25.
  • Mon, 11:50: Bus was a big highway/Magical Express style with very cushy seats--nice, though harder to get in and out.
  • Mon, 11:51: Currently in holding area past Mickey readers, just shy of the tunnel. Guess they'll let us past here just before 8 when restaurants open.
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