Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

iPod shopping

The EFT for this pay period included an award for my work on The Report. A rather nice award, in fact. And I've decided to spend it, or at least most of it (leaving some to cover the taxes), on an iPod.

I hadn't bought an iPod to date because I just don't have to have music with me that often. But I've finally come up with reasons to buy one: for audiobooks as I'm walking (which I'm trying to do more often), and for easier playing of music in the car on long drives.

Therefore I'm doing some on-line research on iPod accessories, especially the FM transmitters. Anyone with advice on iPods themselves (though I'm pretty committed to an actual iPod, as opposed to iRiver, etc.) or cool accessories for them, please speak up!

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