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Today I got my "Lifetime Member" status at Weight Watchers. I've been on the maintenance plan for the last 6 weeks, weighing in once a week as before, paying half the usual fee, and theoretically trying to just keep the weight level. Actually, I just started trying to find out my real maintenance-level intake 2 weeks ago--but WW doesn't care as long as you stay in the healthy weight zone (by those much-maligned BMI charts) and don't exceed your target weight by more than 2 pounds.

After 6 weeks of maintenance staying under my target weight, I'm now a Lifetime Member. As long as I weigh in once a month and stay no more than 2 pounds over target, I don't pay a fee. I'm planning to keep going weekly for a while anyway, especially as I'm still finding that real maintenance point level and as they are handing out information each week on their new/revised system.

Maximum loss (I was up a little this week) was 47 pounds. And 4-5 clothes sizes.

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