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  • Sun, 12:39: Park hopping in California: bought a few pins at Trolley Treats in DCA at 9:18, in DL at 9:24 killing time before tour checkin.
  • Sun, 12:42: Today's tour is Happiest Haunts, focuses on the Haunted Mansion and maybe other 'spooky' stuff. Like the ID button
  • Sun, 12:50: Women tour guides wear a riding helmet, a costume that dates to the 1960s where you could have seen it on Wonderful World of Color
  • Sun, 13:02: Men guides don't wear a hat at all. Women also carry a riding crop, to keep us in line, perhaps.
  • Sun, 13:04: Guide Tiff sounds a bit scripted, which previous guide didn't. Maybe this is a tour more junior CMs get.
  • Sun, 13:05: Tour audio has spooky background music.
  • Sun, 13:12: Goofy popped into our tour circle to wave.
  • Sun, 13:13: Starting in Town Square taking about early ideas, Imagineers.
  • Sun, 13:17: Imagineers via Windows on Mains St.
  • Sun, 13:18: X Atencio was in Town Sq.
  • Sun, 13:30: In Tomorrowland to talk about Bob Gurr and continuous loading ride systems. First one was Fords Skyway at Worlds Fair, became Peoplemover
  • Sun, 13:32: OK not the Peoplemover..
  • Sun, 13:37: After one fact on ride system, crisscrossing to Adventureland to talk about audio Animatronics to narrate a tour guide-less ride
  • Sun, 13:43: Got to meet Ophelia, an original Tiki Room performer. She's the flower. :)
  • Sun, 13:50: 10 min break in the Aladdins Courtyard area, Mickey sugar cookies provided, get your own drink.
  • Sun, 13:50:
  • Sun, 13:57: Now we see the Tiki Room show.
  • Sun, 14:20: Off to Frontierland, getting closer to HM itself. Telling back story for bride in the attic.
  • Sun, 14:28: New Orleans Square, Leota Tombs and Madame Leota. Pointed out a balcony with wicker chair and rooster in a coop that is Mme. Leota's
  • Sun, 14:34: The reasons behind the Stretching Room--elevator to take you downtown passage under the berm to the show bldg
  • Sun, 14:40: Good day to do HM via tour--whole area is a wash of humanity in FP line, standby, & general traffic of pretty Sunday in DL w/o AP blackouts
  • Sun, 14:44: Now getting story of the holiday overlay, following small world holiday. Picked the Nightmare before Christmas.
  • Sun, 15:26: Despite long FP return line and the heat of midday, this was the best time for me to do it. Trip is almost over!
  • Sun, 15:29: Really like the holiday overlay, though classic HM is always good too. Did obscure a lot of the stuff we learned about on the tour.
  • Sun, 15:36: Hatbox Ghost story is the last, before we ride HM. Handed out the pins and a FP to use when you wanted. Pin is a key
  • Sun, 15:55: Bengal Barbecue for lunch--chicken and bacon-wrapped asparagus skewers. Finding shade to eat in is the problem
  • Sun, 18:05: Headed across to DCA, stop for iced coffee, then to room for cool down and some work.
  • Sun, 18:22: Emerged briefly to use FastPass for Grizzly River Run raft ride, as if I get soaked in 5 min from dry clothes
  • Sun, 19:10: I think everyone in my raft got pretty wet. It's a good hot day for it!
  • Sun, 19:11: Walked to front of DCA to buy a pin for riding Grizzly River for the first time. Now back at room in dry clothes, wet ones on balcony drying
  • Sun, 23:23: I have emerged from my room after dark to go the the World of Color dessert party. Will go look at the line at 8:30 for 9:00 party.
  • Sun, 23:24: Meanwhile did the circuit of the lagoon, just strolling. Asked at Seashore Souvenirs for the AP Days merchant--all sold out.
  • Sun, 23:25: AP Days pin, LE 500, sold out in 2 days.
  • Sun, 23:36: Joined the checkin line at 8:30 or so, maybe 15 people back--maybe 5 parties? Don't know if I'll have to share a table as a single.
  • Sun, 23:41: 8:40:Cast Member w iPad is working down the line checking people in, asking high top or low table, seems to be assigning specific tables.
  • Sun, 23:42: Will wristband us and let us in around 9. Show is 9:45.
  • Mon, 00:18: I'm seated and working my way thru the cheese, bread, and grapes before tackling sweets. This is supper...
  • Mon, 00:21: Seems like in June, alcoholic choice was champagne w a strawberry. Tonight, a cooler of Sprite, vodka, blue liqueur. I'd prefer champagne.
  • Mon, 00:41: Asked for decaf--can't handle the blue cooler. :). Fireworks at DL went off at 9:30, could see a few bursts.
  • Mon, 01:14: This is the "old" World of Color, not the 60th special I saw in June. Probably saw this one on my first DL trip, and I like it best.
  • Mon, 01:15: WoC is a best of Disney--movie vignettes and classic songs, with water jets and lasers and fire. :)
  • Mon, 11:21: Today I drive back to San Diego, but first, a morning spin on Radiator Springs Racers.
  • Mon, 11:22: Early entry for DCA at 7--I left my room about 7:30, line was long at GC gate so I walked to the Esplanade. No lines there.
  • Mon, 11:25: Walked past the crowd waiting for 8 am open, did single rider on RSR walking straight in and into a car. Now at SBux with coffee and bfast
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