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  • Wed, 12:18: A quick pass thru Frontierland pin store then off to Pirates of the Caribbean for next FastPass.
  • Wed, 13:23: Have to leave Charlie's scooter at entrance, use one of their wheelchairs for queue.
  • Wed, 13:24: Spare wheelchairs are at unload area, then there's an elevator tucked away to avoid the moving up-ramp exit.
  • Wed, 13:26: Got iced tea at Pecos Bills for a cool-down, then off to Jungle Cruise. Each ride has different procedures for mobility-impaired.
  • Wed, 17:45: Krissi and I headed back to resort after Jungle Cruise to meet with pin-trading friend Corey for a trading session in POR food court
  • Wed, 17:51: Corey had several pins for both of us, as we had let him know our areas of interest. Had a great visit with him talking Pok�mon and pins.
  • Wed, 17:55: Doris and Charlie used Express bus to get to Epcot and visit Pin Central and Mouse Gear.
  • Wed, 17:57: Dinner plan had been to meet the Brossy's pastor and his mother, coming down for a cruise. Pastors flight was delayed so we are on our own.
  • Wed, 18:38: We are using the dinner reservation at Boatwright's anyway. I got the tea-brined pork chopwith collards and I subbe… https://t.co/vsZFQ0A2ek
  • Wed, 18:40: Anniversary couple both got prime rib, server brought champagne at the end. https://t.co/NittUTNmdI
  • Wed, 20:52: Krissi and I took the boat to Disney Springs for a bit more shopping and wandering. Split up after shopping, I'll take bus home.
  • Thu, 07:51: Different paths today: I'm grabbing breakfast in POR food court (grits w cheese fr omelet station, bacon) then to hopefully rope drop AK.
  • Thu, 08:10: Krissi and parents will go to MK, walk to Contemporary Resort, eat. Shannon will meet them there and she and K will head off together.
  • Thu, 08:12: The Brossys will pin trade around the monorail resorts then probably go to MK, maybe park hop after that...or not
  • Thu, 08:13: We're meeting up with Debbie again this afternoon around 5 for more pin trading, at POR.
  • Thu, 08:47: Long wait for AK bus, arrived already close to full, then lots of traffic leaving POR and arriving at AK. Worst of Disney transportation.
  • Thu, 09:03: Despite slow trip I made it to Tree for rope drop. Got to see the macaws fly in to their perch, then fly away again on cue of park opening
  • Thu, 09:20: Trying safari via standby line. Entered queue at 9:08. On ride at 9:18. FastPass isnt active yet, or maybe just not many using it early.
  • Thu, 10:04: Very good safari, lots of animals active. Male lion was high on the rocks. https://t.co/9Ik2wHjNsD
  • Thu, 10:06: Walking Gorilla Falls trail. Birds active, chatted w CM at Grevys Zebras watching for morning action--male just ad… https://t.co/6sfz2VUCyY
  • Thu, 10:27: Catching the 10:30 Flights of Wonder bird show.
  • Thu, 11:48: I always enjoy Maharajah Jumgle Trek. First tiger only showed an ear, but second was pacing. https://t.co/tkeLn57kQX
  • Thu, 11:49: Made it to my Finding Nemo FastPass with about 3 minutes to spare before standby was let in to find seats.



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