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Car repairs

What do you need after a rather stressful week last week (details later)? Car problems!

Left work yesterday, drove 5-6 miles to grocery store, ran in for fruit and veggies, emerged to find car won't start. No slow turnover, just an odd noise when the key was turned. Opened the hood, stared futilely at the things I don't know how to deal with, wiggled a few wires, then tried again. Car starts. I drive home.

Called the dealer and begged for a service appointment for today, despite their busy schedule. Drove to exercise and back with no problems afterwards, but worried about being stranded.

Drove to dealer this morning to drop off the car, and had to park it a couple of car lengths outside their service entrance because of the crowd of other cars. When I finally was clear to pull it up into the building, it wouldn't start! How about that--take the car to the shop for a problem, and the car actually exhibits the symptoms!! It'll never happen to me again.

To make a long story short, I've now got a new battery. (Probably due--the old one had lasted 7 years.) And have had the overdue routine service done, and let them balance the tires (which they thought was needed) for a bonus. And I'm not worrying about the car starting every time I turn it off.


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Sep. 13th, 2004 03:39 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you were able to get what you needed done. It's a good thing you're the type to accumulate lots of vacation time, since I suspect getting all that done took quite a while. Did you have a good book or few with you?
Sep. 13th, 2004 03:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, I don't generally wait on it--I delivered the car to the shop in the morning, had their shuttle take me to work and then pick me up after, collected the car, and drove home. I didn't get a full 8-hour day in, but it wasn't far off.

Reading material was needed only for the wait on the shuttle...
Sep. 13th, 2004 05:00 pm (UTC)
Well, that's a relief. Although it makes the story much less interesting that way, it was undoubtedly much easier on you. ;)
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