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  • Thu, 19:43: Arrived in San Diego--lucked into an empty center seat beside me for the flight. Also nice chat on water issues w guy in window seat
  • Thu, 19:46: Rented a car and headed north. Pok�mon Go diversion--made a pilgrimage to The Pike at Long Beach, seen many times in @trnrtips videos
  • Thu, 19:47: The Pike is site of Aquarium, the Queen Mary, Long Beach lighthouse, and much Pok�mon activity. Nothing very rare for my visit
  • Thu, 19:50: Did hit a level 4 raid. Hung around looking for other players. Egg hatches, and I hear a group of small boys yell Snorlax!
  • Thu, 19:52: Pok�mon Raid: We maxed out party, Snorlax down before my first battler fainted. Lots of fun, hope this happens at Disneyland too. Alas no TM
  • Thu, 19:54: Then headed west to Anaheim, am now checked into the Disneyland Hotel in my favorite Adventure Tower, cooling down
  • Thu, 19:56: Room overlooks new security area at entrance to Downtown Disney--once thru that you can go to parks with no further… https://t.co/Pv4KvKlLWH
  • Thu, 21:26: Made a scouting stop at Pin Traders, texted photos to Krissi for her perusal too. Strolled Downtown Disney playing Pok�mon, enjoying scene
  • Thu, 21:29: Am trying Napa Rose Lounge for dinner--Napa Rose is very highly regarded, lounge is a good way to try it w/o getting a reservation
  • Thu, 21:32: I've ordered "warm peach skillet cake with pork confit and burrata cheese". Described as a savory Dutch baby with roasted peach, pork
  • Thu, 21:35: Napa Rose: first out is a basket of warm breads--onion roll, a flatbread, and a crusty chewy torpedo roll. https://t.co/yVcb7p3VMS
  • Thu, 21:44: Napa Rose warm peach skillet cake with pork confit and burrata https://t.co/b8PFve7PKi
  • Thu, 22:32: Napa Rose: dessert. https://t.co/h7Rz7sNjiz
  • Thu, 23:46: Decided to walk off my lovely meal in Disneyland park. Did a bit of pin trading, Pok�mon, and chatting with Cast Members
  • Thu, 23:47: Found a seat near the train station where I can see the Main St Electrical Parade, if I stay up that long. Long day, I'm close to crashing
  • Thu, 23:49: MSEP nothing special to me since I saw it many times at WDW, before it moved back here while Paint the Night is on hiatus. May punt on it
  • Fri, 01:08: I watched maybe 3/4 of MSEP before heading out ahead of fireworks. Didn't have a good view, but I did have a seat!
  • Fri, 01:09: Stopped at pin store, then to my room just as fireworks started. I'm on the right side of hotel, but too low to see them--trees in the way
  • Fri, 10:16: I always say the time change will make it easy to be at the parks early for the extra hour resort guests get. In reality, no so much
  • Fri, 10:19: Am finishing a blueberry muffin in front of the DL hotel Coffee Shop then will walk as I sip my coffee to California Adventure.
  • Fri, 10:19: Should have a few minutes head start on the general opening crowd.
  • Fri, 11:10: Got to DCA, stopped to pull a FastPass for a Radiator Springs Racer run later, then rode it via the empty single rider line. My car won. 😀
  • Fri, 11:11: Then to new Guardians of the Galaxy (re-themed Tower of Terror) by got there with crowd from regular opening, line was slammed
  • Fri, 11:14: Off to Paradise Pier area for pin trading and a higher level Pok�mon raid starting in 20 min
  • Fri, 11:49: Did a raid against a Muk before the higher level one started, and actually caught the Muk this time--they give me trouble. One other player.
  • Fri, 11:50: Higher level raid was unexciting Arcanine but did it anyway, maybe 10 players in battle. No TM asa a reward, did get my first one for Muk
  • Fri, 11:51: May try to do every higher level raid I can in search of TMs mixed in with rides, etc. 🙂



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