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  • Sat, 22:41: Radio silence today was largely due to busy pin trading, with a preliminary round of minor panic. Overall, a good day though.
  • Sat, 22:45: I lost my trading tabs for today, apparently having fallen from the credentials pouch for the event. First reaction from CM was "sorry"
  • Sat, 22:46: Others who also lost tabs were in line behind me. I overheard a couple saying they had been given a few tabs. I asked again, and got some.
  • Sat, 22:48: After that rough start, I joined Krissi, Rocky, and Carol in the trading lines, eventually joined by Debbie and Terrie.
  • Sat, 22:49: Also made excursions into the back room to trade with Kory, Debbie P, and Mark.
  • Sat, 22:51: After the event ended at 5:30, Krissi was debating a stop for fish & chips, while I was thinking of a burger at Crews Cup Lounge in hotel
  • Sat, 22:52: Ominous dark clouds convinced Krissi to join me on a brisk walk to Beach Club, leave bags in room, then to Crews Cup.
  • Sat, 22:54: Just beat the downpour of rain to the hotel. Lobby, halls, and restaurants promptly fill up with those whose plans needed better weather.
  • Sat, 22:55: We beat the crowd to Crews Cup, had our good burgers, the stopped at Beaches and Cream for ice cream. I got my 1-scoop hot fidget sundae
  • Sat, 22:57: Back to room around 7, and Krissi began Pinterest-organization for tomorrow where she's joining Shannon at a non-Disney follow-on pin event
  • Sat, 22:58: Krissi will leave hotel at 6:30 am w S to get set up at event. I was going to go to a park (prob MK) but prediction now is for rain all day
  • Sat, 23:00: I will play my day by ear--might be some resort wandering, or an outlet mall stop, or Disney Springs, or meet with friends.
  • Sun, 10:32: Krissi out by 6:20 or so, I rolled over for another hour of sleep. Thought abt Trattoria al Forno for bfast but it's now a character meal
  • Sun, 10:34: I ended up at new Yacht Club food market--limited choice but my feta and cheese pastry and some gruyere choux were…
  • Sun, 10:35: Back at Beach Club I did a Pok�mon raid and leveled up when I won, paused at room then walked around the lake to BoardWalk
  • Sun, 10:37: Rain started as I entered BWalk, though light. Met up with Debbie E to give her a pin I had for her.
  • Sun, 10:38: Set out to walk the rest of the loop to Beach Club and the rain got much harder--now easing so I'll don my poncho and try not to get too wet
  • Sun, 11:09: I'm going to try various PokemonGo spots and see if I can manage to play in windows between rain showers. First up, Kissimmee Lakefront Park
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    Sat, 11:56: 🎉 Celebrating five years of @ PokemonGOApp with @ Verizon! 🎉 I’m guessing #725000eggs for my chance to win! #WayToGO #PokemonGO

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    Fri, 15:48: Team #Mystic forever! It’s been an amazing 5 years with @ PokemonGOApp, and I’m excited for the next 5 to come! #WayToGO

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    Sun, 14:40: @ epicurious Tried to send some feedback via your web form, and the Submit button did nothing. Pasted into an email and used a link…

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