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  • Mon, 20:44: I have been neglectful of my Disney tweeting, maybe. A bit. The plan was to drive to Orlando Sunday for 1 night, then on to St Pete for work
  • Mon, 20:45: (Started tweeting in wrong acct, having to copy a couple of entries here)
  • Mon, 20:45: After the 3 day meeting in St Petersburg I'll return to Orlando, meet w Krissi who will be there all week, and we will do several pin events
  • Mon, 20:49: I thought I might get to a park both Sunday night & Monday morning, but plans gang aft agley. Trip down was hard plus of course I left late
  • Mon, 20:51: Sunday drive had a stuck fuel handle so gas overflowed and splashed on my shoe. Note to self: don't pack those shoes in suitcase.
  • Mon, 20:51: Tire pressure light came on, had to stop, dig put pressure gauge nad quarters for air pump and fill the low tire
  • Mon, 20:53: Then an accident south of Ocala caused a 30 min delay--accident as all clear when I went by, but delay persisted.
  • Mon, 20:55: Got to Orlando about 7, headed right to Disney Springs and Homecoming restaurant for my favored chicken and doughnuts.
  • Mon, 20:56: Walked a bit after dinner playing Pok�mon, but raids were over for the day so it was quiet. Went to hotel, a Marriott Courtyard, used points
  • Mon, 20:58: Hotel still charges for parking but only $10/day. Nicer, newer feel than Springhill Suites in the same cluster, for same cost in points
  • Mon, 20:59: At 11pm I got an email that my travel authorization had not been signed by deadline (my supervisor overlooked it) so my hotel was cancelled
  • Mon, 21:01: This was the hotel in St Pete for work. I called hotel and got them to reinstate the room at the govt max rate--well under the current rate
  • Mon, 21:02: Long story short, I spent all my Monday morning until 11 am checkout time emailing and calling to get the travel authorization fixed.
  • Mon, 21:03: Somewhere in there Krissi texted to say her flight had arrived--she and Shannon will spend a lot of time together this week.
  • Mon, 21:05: Packed the car and left to play Pok�mon a bit, caught some of the 2 regionals down here for a friend. Back to Disney Springs for lunch.
  • Mon, 21:12: Lunch was tonkatsu ramen at Morimoto’s. I forgot Corey works there—he spotted me as I ate at the bar, said hi. Will…
  • Mon, 21:14: Then it was time to head to St Pete, about 1.5 hours from Disney World area. Tire pressure warning came on again, but no tire was too low
  • Mon, 21:16: Hotel is in downtown and about 15 min walk from the USGS Coastal & Marine Science Center where we’ll meet.
  • Mon, 21:18: Met up with Mindi, Sonya, and more of the crew and we headed to dinner at The Avenue Eat and Drink—pretty nice bar type place. Win for Yelp
  • Mon, 21:22: Oh, my travel authorization was finally approved at 4:23 this afternoon, after Kenesha cancelled the old one & recreated & signed it for me
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