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  • Fri, 00:40: My 3-day meeting in St Petersburg is over, and I’m back in Orlando. Didn’t get away early as the last discussion was on water use
  • Fri, 00:43: I left St Pete at 4, Google routed me south over the Sunshine Skyway bridge to avoid Tampa traffic. I really don’t like long high bridges...
  • Fri, 00:45: Got to Coronado Springs resort at 6–the Pin Trading Night started at 5. Coming late I had easy parking and no line to pick up purchases
  • Fri, 00:46: Found Krissi, Shannon, and Carol with their pins spread out on a table. I opened my mystery boxes and started trading for a complete set
  • Fri, 00:47: Finally put my stuff on a different table for a while, then moved beside K when Carol left—she has an early flight tomorrow
  • Fri, 00:49: I stayed at my table and traded most of the evening—never had a break to go wander myself. Nice evening though I didn’t get any real prizes
  • Fri, 00:50: Krissi and I loaded into my car, waved goodbye to Shannon. We headed to the Holiday Inn Disney Springs where Krissi has a room
  • Fri, 00:51: Shannon had been staying w Krissi until I arrived to save driving back and forth, as they spent the week together
  • Fri, 08:40: Krissi woke up in the night with a bad headache and is spending the morning at least sleeping it off.
  • Fri, 08:40: I stopped by BoardWalk to buy Xmas pin—I’ll be staying there when I come back for a Dec weekend stay and wanted to be sure I had the pin.
  • Fri, 10:25: Had a too bounteous breakfast at The Wave in the Contemporary—love those sweet potato pancakes with honey pecan butter
  • Fri, 10:25: Off to the Magic Kingdom!
  • Fri, 10:49: Paused to catch a Pokemon for an Atlanta friend, then to see the Main St trolley show.
  • Fri, 10:49: Trouble w Disney in November is I’m not ready for Xmas, and all the shows and music go from Halloween direct to Christmas.
  • Fri, 11:59: Rode Pirates, caught more Pokemon, waiting for my Jingle Cruise FP+ time to start.
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