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  • Fri, 12:10: Paused to watch the excellent Liberty Square Muppets skit, great Moments in History.
  • Fri, 12:19: Kristin reports she’s up and feeling better, will head to Disney Springs and maybe a boat ride to Port Orleans
  • Fri, 12:52: Good Jingle Cruise skipper, Nick. Also some nice variations on what I’m guessing is the seasonal script.
  • Fri, 13:38: Tried to get a cold drink and a sit down at Columbia Harbor House, was defeated by line. Settled for my water bottle at Tangled restrooms
  • Fri, 13:39: Tangled Tower is a Pokemon gym, so I did the Suicune raid that popped while I sat here. 7 other people in battle, never saw any of them...
  • Fri, 13:42: I was in raid withdrawal, often doing 2-3 a day at home, had managed none since driving down Sunday. All good now. And a new Suicune. :)
  • Fri, 14:09: Festival of Fantasy parade is at 2 right now, not the iconic “3 o’clock parade”, love this parade almost as much as…
  • Fri, 14:18: All parades are better with a fire breathing dragon.
  • Fri, 15:47: And the parade crowd control is cleared a minute or so after the last unit passes
  • Fri, 15:48: Wandered some mores, did a Gengar raid at Cinderella ‘s castle gym, tried to do another Suicune at train depot but only 1 other player there
  • Fri, 15:49: Headed to Disney Prings to meet K, we’re having dinner with Tina and Eli at Morimotos
  • Fri, 18:21: Very fun dinner with Tina and Eli. I had pork belly bao and their duck ramen.
  • Fri, 19:36:
  • Fri, 19:37: Eli is a beginning Pokemon player so we walked to a gym and took it over, then found a Sableye raid and did that.
  • Fri, 19:43: Walking the Christmas tree trail while we chat
  • Fri, 20:12:
  • Sat, 08:41: We walked to the Disney Springs Westside Starbucks, conveniently close to the theater where the D23 screening of Winnie the Pooh will be
  • Sat, 08:43: It’s Mickey Mouse’s birthday! Must try to get a celebratory button at World of Disney.
  • Sat, 09:20: Finished breakfast, hit the restrooms, and joined the line about 9:05 just at the food truck area. Instructions were don’t arrive before 9
  • Sat, 09:20: Shannon and friends are head of line, having arrived at 8
  • Sat, 09:39: Nice D23 sign for the event. Note woman in purple Figment dress, complete w orange wings, in background
  • Sat, 10:04: D23 event entry was smooth—show ID & D23 card, quick check on iPad, and get handed a set of Pooh coasters, wristband for drink and popcorn
  • Sat, 10:05: Also got Mickey birthday buttons, don’t have to seek those out.
  • Sat, 10:07: Mickey is 89 today.
  • Sat, 10:10: Will have a program with voice actor Jim Cummings, todays voice of Pooh and Tigger , then 40th anniversary screening of Winnie the Pooh
  • Sat, 10:28: Event photographer snapped this for us
  • Sat, 10:34: Some of Cummings’ roles, also did Epcot’s Illuminations narration
  • Sat, 10:37: Cummings: “Kaa is Pooh’s evil twin “
  • Sat, 10:46: Pooh and Tigger sing Scar’s “Be Prepared “ from the Lion King, Ray the firefly as a hyena sidekick. They played the visual as he sang
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