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  • Sun, 16:33: Guess I never finished the evenings activities...but they consisted of waking back to the hotel and organizing and packing.
  • Sun, 16:36: Today we had breakfast at the hotel, then grabbed our pins and went to a local pin-trading event conveniently located in the hotel as well
  • Sun, 16:36: Pin event went 8-4, and we were pretty actively trading the whole time.
  • Sun, 16:39: Now we’re off with Debbie E, who was out of town until yesterday. We’re going to hit some resorts and maybe Epcot for pins.
  • Sun, 17:15: Almost-drive-by pin shopping: went to the Poly & bought resort holiday pin, then to the Grand Floridian & bought holiday & gingerbread pins
  • Sun, 18:11: From the GF we headed to Beach Club and bought their resort and gingerbread pin, walked over to Yaxht Club for the resort pin.
  • Sun, 18:16: We passed by Crews Cup Lounge on the way to YC, which was full. Tried again on our return and landed a table.
  • Sun, 18:16: We have ordered food and Krissi is spreading out pins for Debbie in the never ending pin trade.
  • Sun, 21:09: After dinner we walked over to Epcot to get the last gingerbread pin, and the Holidays Around the World pins at Pin Central.
  • Sun, 21:10: I made a dash to Spaceship Earth to catch one last Heracross for my Pokemon collection, got it in the nick of time before it despawned
  • Sun, 21:11: After the pin purchases, we walked back to Beach Club and Debbie delivered us back to the Holiday Inn. Time to finish packing.
  • Sun, 21:13: Trying to get to bed early, will do the Webster Westside Flea Market to visit Debbie P’s stall where she sells pins....opens at 6 am.
  • Mon, 07:00: K was up at 4, I was up at 4:15, didn’t get on the road to the Webster Westside Flea Market until 5:30 after a McDonalds stop
  • Mon, 11:09: Debbie and Larry P’s stall at the Flea Market is mostly selling Disney pins and other collectibles. Bought in multiples, pins are $2, $4
  • Mon, 11:11: Then there are the better pins and sets, priced individually. We met Shannon there, everyone shopped.
  • Mon, 11:12: Cell signals died while we were there—probably a Verizon tower down—so paying became ‘write down credit info, process later’
  • Mon, 11:14: We headed out about 9, moved Krissi’s stuff to Shannon’s car, they headed southeast to the Orlando airport & I headed west to I-75 & Atlanta
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