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  • Thu, 12:27: Watched Finding Nemo the Musical, always a favorite for music and puppetry
  • Thu, 12:30: Off to safari with a same day FP. There’s a giraffijam—9 vehicles stacked up as a giraffe stands in the road. Keepe… https://t.co/NBr3JLSpY2
  • Thu, 18:26: I will catch up with the middle of the day later. Right now I’m at Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party with Mary Lou… https://t.co/dlyUDwJq6R
  • Thu, 19:23: We met at 4 at the Contempo Cafe, had an early dinner (Buffalo chicken flatbread for me) then walked to the MK for… https://t.co/3q70zfZLnp
  • Thu, 19:23: None of us have real plans so we are wandering. Line for Jingle Cruise was at 40 min...no. Rode Pirates, Haunted Ma… https://t.co/wh2jnSwlIG
  • Thu, 19:27: We are headed towards the castle forecourt show, paused at Friars Nook for sparkling apple juice for Erin who has stomach issues tonight
  • Thu, 19:38: Paused at the waffle place for drinks and red velvet Mickey waffles, again for Erin. She’s younger, she can handle it. :)
  • Thu, 19:39: Castle dream lights are beautiful as always https://t.co/aUz82XPZKR
  • Thu, 20:27: We have staked our spot for the parade in Frontierland right behind a log wall for the DVC kiosk. Hopefully the mea… https://t.co/JqEiRFwvhI
  • Thu, 23:01: Great parade spot, got a high five from one performer as they were right there. https://t.co/xu1AodzbGc
  • Thu, 23:02: I got fascinated by the handful of reins Cinderella’s coach driver has to manage for the 6 white ponies https://t.co/91xK6SUvut
  • Thu, 23:04: After the parade we flight through the crowds to Fantasyland and rode the Peoplemover....twice. Just asked to stay… https://t.co/VW8IglgnPI
  • Thu, 23:05: Next up was fireworks, went to the ‘high spot ‘ on Main St, got there 10 min before the show and had a good view.
  • Thu, 23:09: From fireworks we went to the firehouse so I could get the party Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cars. Then to one o… https://t.co/Zcefm0o6Re
  • Thu, 23:11: Almost time for the second parade, but we squeezed in Jingle Cruise first. Excellent skipper Lauren who was operati… https://t.co/A7Nc5fI9db
  • Thu, 23:12: Back to our same spot for the second parade. A few more people were there but we still all found a front row spot.
  • Thu, 23:41: Me, Kathy, Mary Lou, Erin https://t.co/RIsaogPvq3
  • Fri, 00:38: We were about done for the evening but were blocked by the parade. Walked back to the hub and watched the end of th… https://t.co/8FckhY8cAx
  • Fri, 01:15: We weren’t in any rush to fight the exiting crowd so stayed seated, chatting. Eventually the 11:55 castle forecourt… https://t.co/BREamo71Xf
  • Fri, 01:18: Finally we headed out, parting at the walkway to the Contemporary as I went to the BoardWalk bus stop and they walked to Bay Lake Tower.



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