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Vegetable stew for dinner

Despite being a confirmed carnivore, I'm always looking for vegetarian recipes that appeal to me. Week before last's "7 Day Menu Planner" in the Atlanta paper had a vegetable stew that looked good and easy, so I tried it tonight. No quibbling about "for a vegetarian dish"--this was really good. Brown onions and potatoes together, then add a can of tomatoes, sliced zucchini, broth, and seasoning. By my calculation it was a 4-point meal (WW, that is) for a big bowl of stew--getting 3 servings out of the amounts given.

The full recipe should be here, under Meatless Thursday. I confess to using low-sodium chicken broth instead of the vegetable broth, 'cause I have it on hand. (It would have been 3 points with the vegetable broth.) Don't think the site requires registration--if it does, leave me a comment and I'll post the recipe itself.

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