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  • Sat, 16:44: Met up with Tina and Eli at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for FP, they will use C&Ds who aren’t doing this level of ride… https://t.co/9gBZRQz42a
  • Sat, 17:04: Try the tea cups, line too long, so we’re going to go eat at Columbia Harbour House
  • Sat, 18:31: Arrived at Columbia Harbor House and got into the awkward reserved handicap area. We tried to use the mobile order… https://t.co/BwGND4Afep
  • Sat, 19:21: Nice dinner, CHH does a pretty good fried shrimp platter for counter service. Green beans and house chips for my sides.
  • Sat, 19:30: Tina and Eli had FP for Splash Mountain, I borrowed T’s MagicBand and Eli and I used them. We turned down the front… https://t.co/hoABVXKclu
  • Sat, 19:43: The rest stayed at Harbor House chatting, and when we got back C&D headed off for the resort while the rest of us w… https://t.co/XCM4L4ssT3
  • Sat, 19:47: Took down the gym at the Rapunzel restrooms and put our guys in it. Gym control at the Magic Kingdom lasts about 15… https://t.co/F8M60zkPD3
  • Sat, 20:09: Off to teacups. Krissi and Eli shared one where K spun it as hard as she could. Tina and I took another, T took pic… https://t.co/JFOaQqjSlZ
  • Sat, 20:53: Off to Tomorrowland, K&E to ride Space Mountain. I’ve found a bench and am watching the fireworks and top part of H… https://t.co/4JCf93oByB
  • Sat, 20:58: T&E had FP for the Little Mermaid ride next, so I tried to get some for me and K. Could only get 10:45, but we went… https://t.co/bFEobY8exg
  • Sat, 20:59: BCk to Tomorrowland for the PeopleMover. Long line again, but moves fast and then you have a long ride.
  • Sat, 21:35: Eli insisted on ice cream next, so we hit Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Treats for that. Now are off to it’s a small world
  • Sun, 00:10: Detour to the gym at Gaston’s Tavern to battle a yellow gym with only 1 defender. One the way it gained 2 defenders… https://t.co/9YleJWD8oT
  • Sun, 00:20: Rode small world, then started to the front taking gyms along the way. We parted in town square, Krissi and I got b… https://t.co/y4rJx4VmkO
  • Sun, 00:20: Ride photo from Splash Mountain https://t.co/0V3Ei5bJCP



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