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  • Mon, 12:37: Over to Mission Space area to see if anyone will show up for a Kyogre raid. At first no one, then I committed one r… https://t.co/MtOuH1oHRT
  • Mon, 13:48: Beat the Kyogre with 7 sec to go, I caught 1/2. Wandered a bit in Mouse Gear and asked about Flower&Garden merch I’… https://t.co/fvqX3QVYRR
  • Mon, 14:24: Off towards Canada and France, browsing the Arts Fest stuff. Waited in Morocco for another Kyogre raid, had 11 peop… https://t.co/AYjDWqJXUV
  • Mon, 14:26: Off to American Pavilion for the Voices of Liberty, got a spot in the floor but able To lean against the column. They are always great.
  • Mon, 14:29: Pork roulade from a Festival booth, excellent. With potatoes, button mushrooms, carrots, enoki. https://t.co/mezlpe34aJ
  • Mon, 15:27: I’ve been wandering around the countries in Epcot taking in the sights, playing some Pokemon, and enjoying the afte… https://t.co/Z3OsjCemA1
  • Mon, 16:15: Painted 6 light blue squares in the paint-by-numbers mural themed “Figment in Space”. They give you a card of part… https://t.co/jBmJcnGJuJ
  • Mon, 19:43: Headed to Future World and the Baymax meet and greet to look for Alicia, who’s a character attendant for him. We ch… https://t.co/PiXk0CXASK
  • Mon, 19:43: Figment was a walk on by this time, then I went next door to the Pixar shorts theater— Get A Horse, Piper, and Feast, in 3D.
  • Mon, 19:55: I wandered a bit more in Future World, chased a few Pokemon, went into Mouse Gear hoping to find Super Glue to repa… https://t.co/8t6mb77rEh
  • Mon, 19:57: I thought a bit about wandering to the lounge in Italy for dinner then stay for IllumiNations , but decided I was o… https://t.co/EYM8hpKOdY
  • Mon, 20:00: The replacement dinner: create your own pasta at the POR food court—penne with Alfredo sauce, chicken, spinach, pea… https://t.co/onHjYFIJtB
  • Tue, 09:42: I got up ahead of Krissi today, unusually, as she wanted a bit more sleep and I wanted a block of time for Pokemon… https://t.co/SKlMDIY1CK
  • Tue, 09:46: Today is the actual 53rd wedding anniversary and we’re celebrating at Boma, as we did on the 50th. The plan was to… https://t.co/iwbyBc8fYj
  • Tue, 09:48: Sometimes we’ve had a driver take us on to AKL after unloading at AK, if the scheduler allows.
  • Tue, 09:50: Plan didn’t work so well. Main bus depot was packed. First bus to AK was just about loaded when we got there, no ro… https://t.co/RwAXIsbSNs
  • Tue, 09:54: All that took close to an hour. Finally got on a bus at the North Depot around 9:35. Still should have enough time… https://t.co/m72cueaABv
  • Tue, 10:13: Things went better at AK. We did have to change busses, but the AKL bus was waiting.



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