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  • Wed, 13:40: We went to the Frontierland pin store for the organizer pages Charlie prefers while C&D went to their next SotMK po… https://t.co/YLPefQcNNe
  • Wed, 13:43: Itsna day when we all want to go pretty easy, with tile off our feet and in shade or cool. For the raid we found se… https://t.co/YNnh6yteMd
  • Wed, 15:29: Got 13 people in the raid and beat it easily. Krissi caught hers quickly, I got 1 of 2. Met up with C&D again and h… https://t.co/CiimnDCjbx
  • Wed, 15:33: C&D headed for more SotMK, we three maybe a Starbucks run cold drinks and treats. Met back up with C&D inside the… https://t.co/Vtbxn1Hlj3
  • Wed, 15:37: Trying to help Shannon do more on PKG, went to battle gyms at Big Thunder and Gaston’s, also Shannon got us on Ariel ride
  • Wed, 15:48: Gonna rest the feet and get distance for Pokemon egg hatching by riding the PeopleMover. Tina and Eli are meeting u… https://t.co/wpBPKY8fUz
  • Wed, 17:08: Went from PeopleMoverto Carousel of Progress while waiting for Tina and Eli who were delayed on the monorail. Anoth… https://t.co/bNsMZ7NiwY
  • Wed, 17:11: Finally met up at Buzz Lightyear. Eli rode with Krissi, who topped all of our scores. Tina was second. I trailed b… https://t.co/NMQoIIGPL7
  • Wed, 17:20: Tina had 2 FP for someone to ride Tomorrowland Speedway with Eli. Krissi was his chosen victim, so I walked over to… https://t.co/La80bSsJ78
  • Wed, 18:21: Teacups were next. Shannon skipped—she works teacups. Krissi spun Eli as hard as she could, Tina and I sat back and didn’t add to the spin.
  • Wed, 18:23: Hit Cosmic Rays for dinner around 6. I went healthy with the half roast chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes.… https://t.co/ciiJ0DVfjf
  • Wed, 18:48: Krissi spent a lot of effort trying to help Eli get his PKG account so it can access his Google Play account, but n… https://t.co/qa6RPvP2Zq
  • Wed, 22:20: Off to Jungle Cruise, another good skipper. Shannon departed for home at that point. Then we took down the Pirates… https://t.co/6GEkVs1Kb8
  • Wed, 22:24: Shannon had gotten 3 wild-card fastpasses from another CM earlier in the day, so we used those at Splash and talked… https://t.co/40bGXFbaj1
  • Wed, 22:26: We took down the Big Thunder gym as a nightcap and said goodbye at the front of the park. Pretty good luck with the… https://t.co/nIcreGrhWv
  • Wed, 22:27: Got some nice views of the fireworks as we did Splash—sort of a fire and water contrast there. :)
  • Thu, 09:47: Up and out about 8:40, walked past a Kyogre raid but no other players around, and met C&D for breakfast at the food… https://t.co/oiErpzJN3j



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