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As promised in that last book-log catch-up post...

I had all sorts of things I was going to do over the Labor Day weekend. Brother's family was gone, so no distractions on that end--I could catch up with the filing, the bills, clear the desk, do some gardening (Hurricane Frances permitting), etc., etc. But nooooo...I spent the weekend reading the Agent of Change series, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. And those who know my reading habits will say, "But how can you have missed them this long?!"

Back in the early 1990s or so (I'm guessing), I heard about this series of 3 books that sounded like my sort of thing. I bought all three, read Agent of Change, started Conflict of Honors, and stalled. I have no memory of and no real reason why I never tried again, but I never got any further. After I moved back to Atlanta, I loaned them to my sister-in-law, who loved them. And my brother read them and enjoyed them. And eventually Plan B was published, and more, and my brother gave s-i-l all the extant chapbooks for Christmas one year (and either he or I buy her the new one every year), but...I never read them.

I finally decided to give Liad another try, and, having read many comments about the series in both my SF and romance Internet forums, I decided to start with Pilot's Choice instead of Agent of Change. I asked s-i-l for her copy (which she brought over along with The Tomorrow Log, in case Liad still didn't catch me), and then dallied until Friday of Labor Day weekend. But then....

I'm hooked. I read through both books in Pilot's Choice, hardly putting the book down. Then turned around and re-read "the good bits"--behavior that usually is confined to a new Bujold. I thought about pausing, invoking my rule of not reading more than one or two books by an author before taking a break...but no. It was off to the shelf for the original three, and I read through all of those. Luckily s-i-l arrived back from their weekend away in time for me to demand Plan B--she sent it over along with I Dare, saying I definitely didn't want to wait between those two. The end of the holiday weekend slowed me up a little, but I finished I Dare this afternoon.

I'm now skimming through PC again (I am a romance reader even if it's secondary to my SF, so all the Regency touches in PC delight me), and just returned from dinner next door with all the chapbooks. Then there's Balance of Trade--s-i-l hasn't gotten a copy of it yet. And then maybe Clan Korval will let go a little and I'll read something else...while I wait for Crystal Soldier.

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