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Hurricane weather

Lots of rain, a good bit of wind--but so far no damage.

I got in most of a day at the office, including a 2-4 PM conference call. Power went out a little before 5, so I shut down to the beeping of the UPS, borrowed a flashlight so I could find stuff on the desk to pack up, and left. Heavy rains for part of the (9-mile) drive home, several places with lots of water on the streets (I'm glad for the CR/V's extra clearance in weather like this), but traffic on my route home was not bad. Most of the major highways, however, appear to be completely snarled.

Traffic light count for the drive home: 17 working, 5 out, 1 blinking. Luckily, the places I cross a major road on a minor one all had working lights. One tree down across Briarcliff Road, again luckily just past my turn off Briarcliff.

Arrived home to no power in the neighborhood, but sister-in-law had called Golden Buddha and they a) had power and b) would deliver. Joined them for Chinese by candlelight (my brother was still snarled in traffic, so it was s-i-l and the kids), let the kids come back over here to alleviate their house-bound-crazies, and the power came back on while they were still here at around 7. Lots better than the 4 AM the Georgia Power recording had estimated.

So, I'm charging the cell phone and still have flashlights at the ready. There's another heavy rain band coming, but at the moment the wind and rain are down and the electricity is up.

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