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  • Sun, 07:28: Krissi is doing a pin trading event at a Holiday Inn today with Shannon. I’m starting with an extra-fee Early Morni…
  • Sun, 07:30: I waited for the bus a bit, but early busses tend to be erratic so I pruned after a bit and summoned a Lyft. That w…
  • Sun, 07:31: Breakfast is included with the event, will probably not hit that until doing several rounds on the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train coaster.
  • Sun, 09:16: Just made it to MK and found Mark in the middle of the crowd, then they let us in. Did Mine Train 2x, Peter Pan 2x,…
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  • Bird-watching notes

    Lots of activity at the feeders and in the yard, despite me only filling the feeders off-and-on. Yesterday a brown thrasher kept me company while I…

  • New bird at the feeder!

    A rose-breasted grosbeak. Might be the first I've ever seen--I certainly had to dig in the bird book to decide what he was. My Atlanta bird list…

  • New bluebird house!

    I bought a new bluebird house yesterday, paying an outrageous sum for the copper-roofed model with the predator block. I wanted the predator block,…

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