Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

More Liaden reading

Have now read all the Liaden chapbooks my sister-in-law has (though I haven't returned them yet). I set off yesterday on a bookstore run in search of Balance of Trade, but failed to find it--the BN Buckhead store inventory said there was a copy, but "the computer's often wrong when it gets down to one copy". Grrr.... No Borders store in range has it, according to the online store inventory search. Chapter 11's stores are generally too small to have much SF selection--I called one anyway, but no luck.

I did pick up the Ace editions of the four novels I didn't already own, which let me return s-i-l's copy of Pilot's Choice. Must decide if I'm going to order Balance of Trade online, or get a local store to order it. Not going to wait on the again-delayed paperback, no. [Update: have ordered from have gotten it from MM directly, but the sales tax and the shipping overwhelmed my urge to support a small press. Guess I could have called to find out if I could just pick it up somewhere--they're located in Decatur, as am I.]

And then I'm debating the chapbooks. Do I want my own copies? (Yeah, of course I do.) Do I want them all? Well, tougher decision--the price on a full set is really up there, plus I'd probably add a couple of non-Liaden ones to boot. Maybe this will wait until closer to Christmas, when this year's chapbook is available. I think I read somewhere that last year had a special offer if you ordered the whole set (beyond the $3 off that the SRM order form shows now), so perhaps there will be a similar thing this year.

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