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  • Sun, 08:59: No tweets yesterday, and probably not much today. It’s all D23 related events
  • Sun, 09:00: Yesterday logistics: took a Lyft to the Contemporary, Mark did bus to MK and walked (and got here in early enough to see the exhibits). Got lunch at one of the food trucks, fish taco for me. Geyser Point for a hurried dinner, took Lyft back and forth.
  • Sun, 09:18: Got back to my resort last night taking bus to Disney Springs and another to FQ. I had hit the post MK close and Lyft app just said “limited driver availability “
  • Sun, 09:24: From D23 content at a days remove: don’t recall from the “coming to Parks” presentation but “we’re bringing more things back” and “we are finishing stuff started pre-pandemic”. Oh, and “bigger character cavalcades!”
  • Sun, 09:48: Yesterday again: really enjoyed the (too short) discussion on the development of Cirque/Disney “Drawn to Life”, genuine enthusiasm from both sides on the show concept as a whole. Seems to have been truly collaborative development
  • Sun, 09:51: Cirque: Disney animators did custom animations for the “comfort sheets” scene with 5(?) Disney characters, one per human-sized sheet, that interact with each other as well as the show protagonist. So Baloo reacts to Olaf on the next sheet over, etc
  • Sun, 09:57: Still yesterday: Presentation on the Galactic Starcruiser actually intrigued me some, previously I’d written it off as not for me. Both price and the structure as “family experience “ (priced for a family group, not a single adult) are still major barriers for me personally
  • Sun, 10:08: Yesterday evening was on the music of Encanto, we again had to put all electronics in those Mylar bags. Had a faint hope that Lin-Manuel Miranda would show up but he had recorded segments instead.
  • Sun, 10:10: Music of Encanto: It was a long session with people (orchestrator, voice actors) discuss something then get a short clip to hear/see it. Loved it. Must try to stream the soundtrack album as I drive home
  • Sun, 10:13: D23 today is less interesting to me and I may duck out of some afternoon sessions for Pokemon Go Community Day activity. First up was Disney+ (I don’t watch much TV), now is Disney Wish (not sure if I want to try a cruise, worried about seasickness)
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