Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

It's one of those weekends

Yesterday, the end of my work week (I'm part-time), I looked at the long To-Do list, considered the shortness of certain deadlines, and packed up quite a pile of stuff in the hopes of getting a little accomplished at home. A much fainter hope was that I might get in to the office over the weekend and do even more.

So much for hopes.

Today started with the seasonal heating/AC system check, with a chatty (but competant) technician. Then a grocery store run, then to Weight Watchers. (I'd switched from Sundays to Thursdays because I prefer the meeting leader, but it's too hard to get from the office to the meeting. This leader I like runs the Friday midday meetings, too.) Good topic on the physical signs for "how hungry are you", incidentally. The cell phone rang as the meeting was wrapping up, and sister-in-law asked if I'd like to join her for lunch. Oh, heck, sure. So, drive from Northlake to Phipps, meet up at the bookstore, and have lunch at the American Cafe. She headed grocery store-wise, and I went to Borders (bought Murder by Magic, the new Doranna Durgin Silhouette, and Judith Tarr's Rite of Conquest) and then home.

But we're not done!

Being in some sort of stress-induced nesting phase, which for me means cooking and/or baking, I decided to make whole-wheat challah. Plus I had to bake a cake for the neighborhood association's block party, where the cakewalk is a tradition. Got the challah dough in for first rise, washed the KitchenAid bowl, and was starting on the cake when my younger niece and my nephew arrived, trying to avoid a library run with their mom and older sister. Worked out fine--they helped measure and dump stuff in the mixing bowl, and licked the beaters and spatulas. Cake goes in oven, comes out, challah dough gets punched down and braided, kids come and go as things get boring or interesting. Just before dinner I made the frosting (with assistance) and got the cake finished. Will add a sliced strawberry to the top just before the block party, to make it clear the flavor of the pink cake. Sister-in-law provided dinner (grilled shrimp), I brought the whole-wheat challah, and now I'm wiped.

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to a "Super Circuit" class at Jazzercise (1-1/2 hours instead of 1), then there's a Georgia Tech football game in the early afternoon. We have 3 tickets--due to the lack of a babysitter, I'll go with either my brother or sister-in-law (both Tech grads) and my older (sports-obsessed) niece.

Sunday is my usual laundry day, some urgent household cleaning must occur, and then there's the block party from 4-7.

I have a strong feeling that all the work I brought home will be carted back to the office on Monday, untouched.

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