Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Real comfort food...

Real comfort food is found at your childhood home, cooked (if not by your mom or mom-equivalent) by someone who cooked for you while you were growing up.

So, today I drove to south Georgia to exhibit at the Sunbelt Expo ("North America's Premier Farm Show!"), which is held in my home town. I cling to this as my major outreach activity for the office, as it's a chance to spend the week with my father.

Around 12:30 I called to let him know where I was (about 30 miles from town), and he asked if I'd like to come by the house for lunch before going out to the show grounds to check in. Beatrice, who has worked for the family since my high school days at least, had made chicken pie and vegetables--she now works for my father 2 days a week, and tries to stock up his fridge on the days she's there.

Beatrice's chicken pie is a double-crust pie with chicken. That's about it: no veggies, enough sauce to make things nice and gooshy-moist, but not enough to be considered "gravy". It's Wonderful, and it's up there with my absolute favorite comfort foods. When I got to the house, the chicken pie was accompanied by (deep breath) lima beans, green beans, fried okra, yellow squash, and broccoli with cheese. Aaahhhh.

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