Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Catching up

I've gone skimming through a week+ of flist posts, and am sort-of caught up. I did miss all the voting/elections posts, and feel compelled to say that I did vote, taking advantage of Georgia's early voting to get it out of the way before I went to Tucson. I'm depressed about the national results, especially with Shrub's "earned capital" comments. I'm equally depressed about one local election, where the highly qualified incumbent DA lost to his apparently marginally qualified opponent. But my county is one of the Democratic enclaves in Georgia--and the incumbent was a white male Republican (appointed by our Republican governor), and his opponent is black, female, and a Democrat. Party affiliation accounts for most of the margin, I assume.

Results on the amendment to the State constitution to ban gay marriage (already against the law here) were also predictable, but still depressing. The hope on this one is that the legal challenge will succeed, on the grounds that the text on the ballot did not adequately represent the amendment.

Halloween notes: I skipped the neighborhood hot dog party, and just awaited the trick-or-treaters. Got about 35 or so--fairly typical. I do need to mention that at Weight Watchers today, the leader offered to take excess candy and donate it to a shelter. It seems that so far she's collected 63 pounds of candy from her meetings! That's some excessive candy buying. My extra 15 pieces were taken to the office, where they disappeared in 25 minutes or so.

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