Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Short 4-day weekend

This 4-day weekend is somehow evaporating...

Thursday (Veterans Day)--I sort-of slept in on a rainy morning, headed over to the elementary school to see the book-fair-onna-bus (sister-in-law is running the book fair this year so I've been hearing about it), bought some books for Hanukkah presents, went to lunch, observed part of younger niece's Literary Guild review until she got sick (touch of stomach flu or something), and was pressed into service to take her home where my brother was working. I then must have read some email and newsgroups for awhile but not LJ--tonight's catch-up session had to go back to a few Wednesday posts. Heated up leftovers for dinner and went off to Jazzercise.

Friday--headed out with a list of errands, but only made it to the thrift store (bought 2 tailored blouses, 2 turtlenecks, a nice embroidered top (sort of a sweatshirt/tunic top style), and a lovely coat-of-many-colors top, for $15 total) before heading to Weight Watchers. Grabbed lunch at Panera, dashed into Publix for a chuck roast to do the family-favorite grilled marinated chuck roast for dinner. Home again, got the roast in to marinate, did some laundry, took a short jog around the neighborhood in company with younger niece (she walked/jogged for part, then got her bike for the rest). Grilled the chuck roast and cooked some noodles, while sis-in-law did the rest of dinner. Dinner conversation came around to Thanksgiving: we're going to my father's, and Yikes! I don't have a cat-sitter yet. Went home and called first-line cat sitter, the son of a co-worker. Got the co-worker and not Fred, chatted for quite a while, but no joy on the cat sitting as they are headed to Callaway Gardens for the holiday. Must try second-line sitter (a teenager in the neighborhood) tomorrow, and failing that will have to go to a professional.

Today--Got out of bed early, for a change. Went to 8:15 Jazzercise, and donated 2 raincoats and a jacket (all now too large) through them to a shelter. Realized it was the last day for donations, so left after class and went to the dry cleaners, picked up the too-large wool coat, and ran it back to the Jazzercise place. Came home and showered, then headed to PetCo with both nieces to buy catfood for both cats, a new collar for one of their dogs, and to see the animals--Saturday is adoption day, and the group I got Fish the Cat from brings in cats and dogs that need homes. Younger niece really wants me to get a third cat (a little kitten, by request), and I've said I probably will after the kitchen remodeling is done.

Then the adults set off for the Ga. Tech football game (older niece went too, but with a friend and his family), which proved to be cold. Gray, windy, temps in the 50s--not cold to those who have been reporting first snows, but it was colder than we have been and I hadn't fully dressed for the weather. I did grab a good jacket before leaving the house and had gloves (most of my coats and jackets have permanent pair of gloves in their pockets), and the little headset radio functioned like earmuffs. The nose stayed cold, though. Oh, Ga. Tech won, by a bigger margin than expected.

When I got home, I was still feeling a little chilled, so I pulled on a sweatshirt, then eventually lit the new gas logs and sat in front of the fireplace for about half an hour 'til toasted. And I put the flannel sheets on my bed, declaring that fall is really here. So it'll probably go back up to 80 in a few days...

All the above looks so busy. Why do I have 2 To-Do lists with about 10 items each and growing, plus the unopened briefcase of work that Really Needs To Get Done? Grrr.

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