Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Thanksgiving prep

I'm headed to my father's tomorrow, laden with a lot of the Thanksgiving feast components. Some it's easier to buy in the big city, some things I can cook ahead and save the hassle, some things I'd rather cook in my kitchen with my equipment.

Saturday I made the jambalaya dressing/stuffing (it's going to cook outside the bird, so call it dressing), and my younger niece helped with the cranberry-orange relish--I cut up the orange, the lemon, and the apple, and she fed them through the grinder along with the cranberries. We stirred in sugar and raspberry preserves, and it was done. Yesterday I cooked some zucchini in tomato sauce, which will become part of a soup for one evening. Also steamed and mashed the yellow squash for squash-cheese casserole, which is an essential for our Thanksgiving dinner. This morning got the buttered-almond topping (for the steamed broccoli) done, and tonight I did the Creole butter that will be used to baste the turkey. There's a fresh turkey in the fridge, and I'll go buy shrimp in the morning before I hit the road--tomorrow's supper will be a low-country boil (shrimp and various sausages boiled together--we'll omit the usual corn due to the season).

So, the Thanksgiving menu is looking like this:
citrus salad with poppyseed dressing
roast turkey (brined and roasted by Cooks Illustrated's method, with the addition of the Creole butter)
jambalaya dressing
pan gravy
squash-cheese casserole
green beans (cooked and tossed with olive oil and kosher salt)
broccoli with buttered almond topping
whole-wheat rolls (from a bakery)
cranberry-orange relish

No dessert at the big meal--we'll make a couple of pies on Wednesday (chocolate chess and an apple crisp, I think) and eat some Wednesday night, some Thanksgiving night (the big meal will be middle-of-the-day) with soup/salad meals.

Tuesday's main meal will be the low country boil. Wednesday, when other food prep is consuming the kitchen, we'll go out. Friday will be Beatrice's chicken pie, which my father tells me is already waiting in his freezer. Aaaahhh....

We'll all head back to Atlanta on Saturday, because of various activities that must be accomplished before next Monday.
Tags: cooking, thanksgiving

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