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I lost December on LJ

Things got busy at Thanksgiving, then there was a family funeral, and a business trip, and then the Christmas rush really kicked in. And somehow I see that my last post was in November. So...there were lots of posts I meant to make in December, and some I may yet make, but for now, I'll just try to get back in the LJ habit. And I haven't read my flist in almost as long, so I've got lots of catching up to do there as well.

But this is a devil Fish post. Sort of. Fish has really become a good bit less devilish as he's gotten older, though we're still having problems about getting on the kitchen counter. Anyway, a couple of nights ago he wandering into the study, sat on the desk, and lifted a front paw as if he was going to wash it. And then put that paw down unlicked, and picked up the other front paw. Then put it down unlicked. When he repeated this dance, I went over and sniffed said paws--bingo. He had gotten into something that left a smelly residue on the paws. He wanted it off, but wasn't willing to wash them himself. So, I carried him off to the bathroom, and with some effort (ha!), soaped and rinsed the front paws and roughly dried 'em off. Fish was then willing to finish the job.

In case whatever this substance is poisonous to cats, I want to know what it was. The smell wasn't familiar--sort of perfumey, but not really. I walked through the house and garage (Fish is allowed to go in the closed garage and explore, if it's not too cold for me to leave the door ajar) and didn't see anything that looked like a possibility. It didn't smell like anything associated with the car. His paws were dry, though that doesn't mean he didn't step in something wet or damp and let it dry before I saw it. I'm still looking...


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