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It was...hmmm...last August when I decided to spend a work bonus on an iPod. Did a little shopping, procrastinated, then let the idea get lost in the hustle-bustle. Sometimes procrastination pays off, though -- Apple has now released the iPod Photo, with a color screen that will let you have a mobile digital photo album along with your music. I like this idea, as I don't expect to fill the thing with music and have often wished to be able to show people some snapshots without firing up the laptop.

A friend sent me an email on Monday saying she had gotten an iPod Photo with her Christmas money, and that sparked me into action. Got on the Apple Government Employee Store (for gov't employees' personal purchases), confirmed that they offer a better price than anyone Froogle turns up, and ordered it. They offered free engraving, which pushed the expected delivery to 7-10 days. OK, I wouldn't be able to get much loaded on it before GaFilk this weekend, anyway.

But! FedEx tracking revealed that it shipped from Shanghai yesterday around midnight ET, went through Anchorage, arrived in Indianapolis in the wee hours of this morning, and somehow made it to Decatur and on a truck and to my house this morning. (I love package tracking!)

Trouble is, I'm at work.

So they didn't deliver it, as the package needs a signature. Aaargh! And the FM transmitter, shipped separately (from an undisclosed location to Memphis to Ellenwood, GA), is on another truck headed to my house, where presumably the same problem will occur.

The helpful FedEx person I finally reached on the phone says they will automatically re-deliver tomorrow, and that's my only option. As these packages were officially shipped FedEx Ground, they won't arrange for me to pick them up. So I'll hang around the house tomorrow until they get there, even if that puts me later than I planned getting to GaFilk.



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Jan. 6th, 2005 05:15 pm (UTC)
Ooh, just wait until I tell Mike! Now you guys will really have some tech toys to scope out at the con! See you tomorrow.
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