Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber


It's here and charging. While I wait, I'm copying music into iTunes so I can make my first experiments loading stuff on the iPod.

Got home from work and found that the FM transmitter package didn't have a required signature, so that was at the front door. And the hang-tag for the iPod itself, also at the front door, said "can be picked up at the following location after 6 PM" and gave the hours of said location as lasting until 8:30. Quick check to be sure the package was actually there, a look at YahooMaps to find out where the FedEx center actually is. It shows as a 15 minute drive--no problem. Got there, stood in the short line of other people who were anxiously awaiting packages, showed my ID, and collected the box.

New toy!
Tags: ipod

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