Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Slow appliance death

I keep reminding myself that in 6 months or so (I hope) I'll have an all-new kitchen and laundry room, with all-new appliances (except possibly the microwave). I just have to keep the current machines running until the renovation starts.

A few months ago, after I finally got serious about the renovation, the soap compartment latch in the dishwasher quit latching. I continue to use the dishwasher, putting soap in the compartment, closing the door, and turning the cycle past the pre-wash phase to the main wash. Stuff looks fairly clean, anyway, and I haven't noticed any symptoms of food poisoning.

Today the handle on the lint screen on the clothes dryer snapped on one end. I carefully inserted and removed the lint screen using the other end, mostly, and now that the clothes are dry SuperGlue has been applied. I'm not very hopeful that it will hold, however.

Then there's the other problems with the dishwasher (plastic worn off the racks so little rust stain appear on the dishes, the way the whole thing lurches forward when the door is open and a rack is pulled out, the cracks showing up in the lining which don't seem to be leaking yet), the oven has been fragile for several years, the cooktop puts out much less heat than it should, and on. The almost 30 year old mini freezer (5 cu. ft. or so) is still going, but gives a sort of death rattle when the compressor cycles off.

Several of these things could be fixed, of course--but why spend the money and the effort? Please, appliances, just hang on a little longer!
Tags: remodeling

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