Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

WW, week 9

Well...despite switching to the lighter-weight clothes, I was only down 0.8 pound, for a total loss of 15.4. If the clothing difference was the .5 I measured last week, that's a real loss of 0.3 pounds for the week.

OK, it was still a loss, and I'll take it. This may be a true plateau (though a lot earlier than I expected one), so I'm going to try and be more stringent this coming week and see if I can shake loose. Resolved: try to not use any FlexPoints, try to not use exercise points. The "official" recommendation would probably be to try the new WW Quick Start program, which gives you a rigid 20 points a day, and a choice of either a high-carb or a high-protein set of meals for 2 weeks. I'm saving that for another time.

The end of the week was tougher than it has been, with no triggering incident that I can come up with. I wanted to snack in the afternoon, and I had a few cravings for old bad habits. I gave in a couple of times (logging what I ate, and subsequently having to use more FlexPoints than my norm), which I sure contributed to the tiny loss. Hopefully these old cravings will go away again.
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