Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Accomplishments of the day

By dint of taking the afternoon off, I have managed to:
-attend the funeral of a co-worker who died yesterday (suddenly, at age 50)
-get signs made and laminated for the neighborhood yard sale
-affix 2 pair of the above signs to sign-holders (borrowed by my sister-in-law from a former realtor who lives in the neighborhood)
-place signs at both entrances to the neighborhood
-make oatmeal-walnut soda bread, which got carried next door as a contribution toward a shared dinner
-have dinner next door (The bread was very good, by the way--an improvement over the Irish brown soda bread I made earlier in the week. I'm using up flours from my little freezer, which will be sold in the yard sale. New compact freezer will be procured after the kitchen renovation.)
-get 3 more pairs of signs affixed to sign-holders, ready to be placed at nearby intersections before I go to work in the morning
-defrost the little freezer so it's ready to sell
and the bonus...
-trim claws on all four feet for both Agatha and Fish


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