Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Post yard sale

The neighborhood yard sale was a success--lots of traffic, we sold almost everything that people brought for the neighborhood bake sale (proceeds go to the association kitty), and the yard sale at my house got rid of at least some of our junk. I cleared a little more than $100, and sent the compact freezer and the microwave cart, both to be surplus when the kitchen renovation starts, to new homes. Oh, and the big A-frame patio swing that I haven't really used in several years due to the mosquito level--someone in the neighborhood bought that.

We had so much stuff that there was still quite a pile (three of us had a combined sale from my garage). Some went back to our various houses as "not ready to give away yet", a couple of van-loads went to the Goodwill drop-off immediately, and I put most of my pile aside to let the American Kidney Fund pick up for their thrift stores. That lets me take the tax deduction. Goodwill will let you do the tax deduction as well, but I've somewhere gained the idea that they junk a good bit more of what is donated to them than AKF does.

I had two large items that I didn't think AKF could sell because of condition: a small chair in need of re-upholstering, and a pipe firewood rack with a good bit of rust. So I made my first attempt to freecycle with them, using the freecycledecatur list. Great success--I had two takers for the chair, picked one, and she fetched it yesterday afternoon. The wood rack has also had two people interested, and I'm waiting on one of them to show up now to get it. The idea behind freecycle is to keep things out of landfills by exchanging them (for free) between those who don't need them anymore and those who do.

Now I need to deal with trying to sell the Little Tikes train on eBay: I put it out during the yard sale, but with a price I was quite sure would preclude it selling unless some collector happened along, or some similar coincidence. It's a working ride-on electric train with track and extra cars, though not in great condition cosmetically. I probably won't have much better luck on eBay, but I feel compelled to try--I'd like to get out the $100 or so I put into getting it working and adding track to the set. My nieces and nephew have outgrown it and its storage space is also involved in the renovation, so it's gotta go one way or another.

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