Nancy Barber (nlbarber) wrote,
Nancy Barber

Taxes, getting started

The deadline approaches, with the added pressure of a business trip the first week of April, so I really don't want to leave it all until the very last minute. There's also a possibility that I actually overpaid the IRS last year, and am due a refund, in which case it'd be nice to get that back ASAP. But I don't have the last form (a partnership K-1, for those who care), so I can't finish now anyway. But I did get started.

TurboTax is installed, updated, and the state program is likewise. I figured out which of the copies of last year's return (laptop or desktop) was the final version, moved it to the computer with TT, and imported. Sorted through the file of papers. Tried to import my W-2 information and failed--either the password is not what I think it is, or there's a problem with the system. Input W-2 by hand. Tried to import broker information and discovered that the almost-inactive broker account, as they switched over their account numbers last year, sent 1099's for each account number. Messy. The import worked, however, which is more than the import from the broker I really use did.

Got the interest done, including pulling the last bank statement of last year--it paid too little to have required them to send me a form. Started on dividends for individual stocks, and first off the bat (from last year's list) is one I don't have in the stack. Pulled the file folder, found 3 of the 4 check stubs, and made an estimate. Second one is OK, third one isn't in the stack. Pulled the file--the 1099 was printed on the bottom of a dividend reinvestment statement. Am now very glad that I got the filing (mostly) caught up in December. The rest go fairly smoothly, though I had to dig through broker statements to deal with TT's questions on foreign taxes paid. The missing 1099 turns up amid the charitable donation stack after I'm done.

Enough for tonight. I'll skip the partnership income bits, and move on to charitable deductions when next I go at it. That'll be messy too, as I had many donations of used clothes (all those things that don't fit now that I've lost the weight, yeah!) along with my usual list.

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