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The stress level is rising...

...as the to-do list grows.

I have business trip to Denver next week (the one that's keeping me from getting to OddCon). My father will probably come to Atlanta while I'm gone, and will be ensconced in my guest room on my return. We'll go to a memorial service for a friend in Athens (Ga.) Saturday, then he'll stay the following week and we'll go to the Georgia Botanical Society spring wildflower pilgrimage in the north Georgia mountains the following weekend. Taxes are due the week after that.

I have a list waiting at work of Things To Be Done in prep for the Denver week, some of which needed to be completed a couple of months ago. This list is too long to complete tomorrow, my last day in the office before leaving.

I have a list of Things To Be Done at home before going, ranging from getting the taxes further along, to getting the guest room ready, errands, appointments, meetings, and on and on. This list is too long to complete before I leave Sunday, and I compounded the problem by deciding to go to a seminar at Emory tomorrow night and all day Friday on Water in Our Lives. (Hey, I'm a hydrologist. It's being held 15 minutes from my house, at my alma mater. I'm curious as to what they have to say.)

Triage time!


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Mar. 31st, 2005 03:07 am (UTC)
Whoosh! That *is* a lot; notice how it's always either feast or famine? When I find myself with too many things to do, all at the same time, I usually compromise and do none of them. I'd like to see you do the Emory seminar, though; it sounds right up your street.

I hope you find time for a fun visit with your dad.
Mar. 31st, 2005 05:06 pm (UTC)
Heh. This reminds me of when I worked for the title insurance company, during the last refinance boom. As orders came in for title searches, they'd be put in large folders, with name, due date, etc. on top, and prioritized by deadline. We'd have meetings three times a week to assign the work, always having to juggle, prioritize and triage (and re-juggle, re-prioritize and re-triage *grin*).

One day my boss opened the meeting by trying to pick up the entire enormous armload of files, and dropped them. They skidded, slithered and splattered off her lap and onto the floor. She just sat there for a moment, about to cry, and then said, "Oh, hell. What's the use. They're ALL top priority. Do what you can...." and went back to her office, muttering Unrepeatables.

So, okay, that's not exactly helpful, is it? But I sympathize. Just do what you can, dear....
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