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Made it to Denver

I worked industriously at my to-do list this morning, completing the critical tasks of a) packing and b) clearing the guest room and bath for my father, who will arrive before I'm back. Plus a few other things, though (of course) not everything I'd wanted. And my brother picked me up to take me to the airport, and I arrived in the terminal after checking a bag at curbside just about an hour before flight time. Proceed to the gate and find...the flight has been delayed an hour. This stretched to 1-1/2 hours eventually--some problem getting the plane from Las Vegas to Atlanta. The gate area (and the plane, when we loaded) were packed, with a high concentration of kids. Spring break, and everyone goes skiing! Crying babies included in the package!

However, once in my seat it was better. The children in front of me were older and largely quiet, and the baby a couple of rows back slept peacefully the whole flight. My new Bose noise-cancelling headphones, coupled with the Paladin of Souls audiobook on the iPod, handled the rest.

Today Denver is warmer than Atlanta--just wish I'd gotten here a little earlier, so I could've taken a walk up the hill from the hotel. I did hook up with my carpool for the week, and we got dinner and hit a grocery store. My room fridge is now stocked with breakfast stuff (lower calorie than the hotel's offerings) and fruit to supplement lunches. Time to check the email and go to bed.

Oh, it's nice making the trip to Denver on the spring time-change weekend--the effective time shift is only an hour, just like everyone else is coping with.


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